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Specialty Structures

If you’re looking for a unique specialty structure, Gothic Arch Greenhouses can supply nearly anything you can imagine. Arena-sized event areas, commercial pool enclosures, multi-story glass research greenhouses, and more, from the only supplier whose specialty has been supplying top-quality commercial greenhouses since 1946!

Our specialty structures include:

Glass research facilities

Research greenhouses are designed to provide a precisely controlled environment to achieve optimum, consistent results. Gothic Arch Greenhouses has decades of experience working with laboratories, universities, and commercial production customers, and has perfected the stable, high-performance systems and structures required for high-level research work.

Commercial Pool Enclosures

Commercial pool enclosures are an excellent way to take advantage of the sun while enjoying protection from wind, insects, and intruders. Sturdy baked aluminum construction with heavy-duty locking doors ensures only your approved guests can access your poolside paradise. Gothic Arch offers a wide range of options, including retractable roof, automatic shade systems, and sidewalls of glass, polycarbonate, screen, or a mixture to get the insulation and ventilation you desire.

Light Deprivation

If your growing needs require the ability to control your plants’ flowering, a light deprivation greenhouse is your answer! Blackout shade systems or fully sealed white/ black/ white sidewall and roof material with growing lights are just a few of the options we offer. Call our experts to design a system tailored to your needs.

Commercial Fabric Structures

Building sizes available in standard widths or can be customized to fit your needs. We provide engineered fabric-covered structures from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length & for every application that is efficient to build and have lower ongoing operating costs than traditional buildings.

Specialized Production greenhouses

Venlo, Cabrio, and other specialized structures are a specialty at Gothic Arch Greenhouses. We supply, design, and build turnkey projects for the highest quality production greenhouses, garden centers, research facilities, and a number of other specialized custom applications. Comprehensive ranges of structures are available to meet your requirements either from our standard design range or by providing a custom-designed and built solution.

Some of our many available features and options include:

  • High-Performance Glazing
  • Multi-layer shading systems to stimulate a number of plant responses
  • Fully gasketed ridge-vent systems and glazing panes to keep the growing environment stable
  • Clean rooms and superior air-quality systems to prevent contamination
  • Containment and quarantine sections to study separate projects independently of other factors