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Supplies & Equipment

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is known for designing custom residential and commercial greenhouses all over the world. We also offer all of the tools and supplies that you need to help keep your greenhouse healthy, clean, climate-controlled, and growing beautifully. From the smallest backyard hobby greenhouse to the largest commercial production greenhouse and every size growing space in between, we offer greenhouse and growing supplies of all types including pots, planters, irrigation systems, heating systems, cooling systems, environmental controls, lighting, and so much more. Gothic Arch Greenhouses has anything and everything a nursery professional, home gardener, industrial grower, agricultural educator, or hobbyist could possibly need to create optimum conditions for your plants and flowers.

When deciding what supplies and tools you need to keep a productive greenhouse, consider the following:

Climate in your area

  • In areas where it gets very hot, we offer a full range of fans, misters, and cooling systems to help protect your plants from extreme heat and over sunning.
  • In colder areas, you can extend your growing season with our variety of heaters, lighting systems, and ground coverings.
  • All greenhouses need proper ventilation to maintain healthy growing conditions. Our natural vents, industrial vents, circulation fans, shutters, and exhaust fans will help move air safely throughout your greenhouse.
  • Our selection of environmental controls will help keep your greenhouse conditions at the optimum environmental conditions for your plants.

Watering Requirements

Every plant has different watering requirements. Whether you are growing crops that require constant watering or seedlings that prefer gentle misting, our watering options and irrigation systems are available to help you optimize and maintain the proper watering conditions for your greenhouse.

Natural Lighting Conditions

Depending on the glazing of your greenhouse, the time of year, and the plants that you are growing, you may need to use supplemental lighting to provide light when the sun cannot. We stock a variety of fluorescent lights, metal halide lights, LED lights, and reflective coverings to help plants grow all year long.

Your Growing System

  • Whether you use more traditional growing methods, are experimenting with newer growing methods, or own a professional hydroponic farm, we have a complete growing system for you.

  • We carry a full line of pots, planters, and seed propagation materials for traditional greenhouse use.

  • Some new trends in growing are proving to be effective and eco-friendly growing methods. We offer a variety of hydroponic, aquaponic, and aquaculture systems, as well as accessories and growing mediums to aid in successful production and higher yields.

Tools You May Need

The right tools can shave hours off of your labor time and make gardening more enjoyable and productive. We offer the right tools for your job ranging from wheelbarrows, garden carts, sterilizers, injectors, and more.

Our greenhouse experts can assist you in choosing the right equipment and supplies to fit your specific needs. Call us toll free at 1-800-531-4769 to get started.