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Grow Benches & Tables

Gothic Arch Greenhouses knows that Greenhouse Bench Systems are one of the best investments you can make to help realize your greenhouses’ potential. Growing tables and shelving can maximize plant growing area and nursery space in your greenhouse, helping you to best utilize the specific environment you’ve created for optimal plant growth. Gothic Arch Greenhouses provides heavy-duty greenhouse bench systems, benchtops, framing, and multi-level display and shelving systems for every size of greenhouse, from hobby to commercial production.

When choosing greenhouse benches, consider:

  • Weight capacity
  • Durability/ Rot resistance
  • Height
  • Airflow/ light penetration
  • Water drainage/ Compatibility with irrigation systems
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of movement
  • Cost

The material of your greenhouse benches should be resistant to rot and rust within the humid environment of a greenhouse, able to support the weight of your plants without sagging and be easy to clean and disinfect to be free of bacteria and fungus that can seriously damage your plants. If you will be growing with hydroponic systems, consider a heavy-duty bench to support the additional weight of water and nutrients. Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ benches have been selected with these qualities in mind.

Why use benches?

Growing on benches allows you to use vertical space efficiently and lessen problems of growing on the ground including disease, insects, and rot. Our selection of benches helps you achieve the best plant health by promoting proper air and water circulation, and our bench tops are resistant to warping in hothouse environments. Call Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ experts today to help you configure a benching plan for your greenhouse that maximizes your growing area; we consider your overall layout and square footage to plan for easy access for planting, potting, watering and maintenance and can recommend the best benching for you.

Your greenhouse benches will serve many purposes: as potting benches, to plant seeds and seedlings, for placing pots and growing trays, for watering your plants, fertilizing, and maintenance. Choose from our selection of greenhouse benches for reliable growing tables that will not need constant maintenance.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses has selected the very best greenhouse bench systems for sale anywhere. Choose from fixed benches, rolling benches, metal bench tops, potting tables, galvanized maintenance-free bench systems, and high-capacity greenhouse benching. High quality benching will last the life of your greenhouse and add to your enjoyment and production! Commercial quantity and volume discounts available. Call Gothic Arch today at 1-800-531-4769 for more information on production-level pricing.