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Pots & Containers

Almost any vegetable, flower, herb, shrub, or small tree can grow successfully in a container. Containers can be used to help add decorative touches to your garden or landscape, or as a practical spacing solution inside your greenhouse or retail garden.

Choosing the right containers for your plants is important for healthy root development, root aeration, and preventing the spread of disease. Gothic Arch Greenhouses offer a wide variety of plant pots and nursery containers that are ideal for your greenhouse, patio, garden, and home.

When looking for greenhouse garden containers, consider the following:

  • Your intent for the garden (Food? Herbs? Flowers?)
  • The size of your growing area
  • Watering requirements of your plants
  • In what stage of growth are your plants

The most important feature of whatever containers you choose should be drainage. Without proper drainage, containers hold too much water which causes damage to your plants. Improper drainage can cause water logged soil, overwatering, and fungal growth.

Plastic Pots and Containers

Plastic Plant Pots & Nursery Containers come in a variety of configurations to meet different handling, labeling and bench space requirements. Economical, reusable, versatile and durable, these containers are ideal for retail applications, commercial applications, container gardening, and bringing potted plants to market.

Trays and Flats

Trays and Flats can be used by themselves or in conjunction with plant pots to easily carry multiple plants at one time. Plug flats are ideal for individually planting seeds or for transplanting seedlings. The isolated pod allows you to plant multiple varieties of flowers or vegetables together without them touching each other. Trays and flats are reusable, inexpensive and versatile, making them a staple in most garden retail centers, greenhouses and backyard gardens.

Grow Bags

Fabric Pots & Grow Bags are alternatives to plastic pots and containers. They encourage root pruning rather than root circling which creates a healthier root system. Breathable fabric sheds excess heat and allows more temperature control. Fabric pots and grow bags can be planted directly into the ground, making the transplantation of plants easier and less time consuming. Because they fold up when not in use, these containers save space during storage, making them great for smaller areas or applications using containers in bulk.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging Planters & Nursery Baskets are ideal for plants that require more frequent watering and for showcasing plants for retail applications. They also allow you to add beautiful foliage to your porch, gazebo, or patio.

To find out which containers are right for you or to ask about bulk ordering, contact one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.