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DF Greenhouses

Our DF-Greenhouses line offers specialized design, manufacturing and building of turnkey projects for the highest quality production greenhouses, garden centers, research facilities in the world. These greenhouses can be engineered to suit many specialized custom applications; if you have a unique need, this is the series for you.

DF-Greenhouses excel in world class 'state-of-the-art' greenhouse projects. As a team, we will determine the ideal solution for your requirements and provide the best quality and value within your budget.

Production Greenhouses

The complete range of greenhouses offered are designed, manufactured and assembled entirely in-house. Comprehensive ranges of structures are available to best fulfill your needs --either from our standard design range or by a custom-designed and built solution.

The ability to integrate modern equipment, enhance conservation practices, and boost yields while standing up to weather and climate extremes are factors we take into account from the very start of your project. As new techniques emerge, a greenhouse company you can work with to upgrade your existing structure is important. Our greenhouse designs can accommodate the changing methods of production and can grow as your business grows, to always keep you ahead of the curve.

Garden Centers and Retail Greenhouses

Our Garden Center series is designed with retailers in mind. We can create a complete retail facility with areas for plants, hard goods, storage and custom displays, while insuring optimum conditions to maintain plant health.

Our team is there to guide you ever step of the way. After careful evaluation of the technical considerations, we can design the total project, and making provisions for the exact equipment, interior layout, security provisions, customer flow, and display space you require.

Within our comprehensive range of structures and products, the possibilities are endless. With our flexible design options, structures to meet all criteria are available. Whether your style is classic or modern, or if your location has high wind, high temperatures, or high snow loads, we can build the structure to protect your investment and enhance your business.

Research Level Greenhouses

Using specific design details within the construction of greenhouses for research centers, we can satisfy the highest demands concerning air density, security, hygiene, control engineering etc., as required in containment and quarantine facilities. Our specially -developed solutions satisfy all the governmental, statutory requirements.

Our team can work with you to ensure that your specific needs are met from day one. Air scrubbers, clean rooms, and sealed containment areas are just a few of the options research greenhouses require, and we are pleased to offer top of the line components to meet your specialized needs.

Specialty Enclosures

Far exceeding mainstream architectural norms, our DF custom structural department is second to none. Raising the bar to 'Gold Standard', not only are we a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and erection of greenhouses, we are able to provide a practical solution for any application where a covered space is required.

This includes specialized botanical gardens and arboretums, hotel lobbies and swimming pools enclosures, estate conservatories and party houses. We have worked with zoological parks, top museums, and government agencies on projects that required unique solutions. Our structures are only limited by your imagination. Contact us now to discuss the details of your project parameters.

Each greenhouse is completely customizable to your specific job. Whether you are looking for a small, casual, controlled study environment, or a large, greenhouse for your retail applications, we can provide all of the help you need from conceptualization through building. Call one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.