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Victorian Greenhouses

What sets our beautiful Victorian glass greenhouse kits apart from the rest? The Gothic Arch Greenhouses guarantee of quality, our experts that can help you fully outfit your ideal English garden greenhouse, and our over 70 years of experience as leaders in the horticultural industry are just a few of the advantages you’ll see when you order your residential greenhouse from us!

Our expert greenhouse consultants will help you to choose the finest Victorian glass greenhouse and glass greenhouse supplies for your price range. Our glass greenhouses feature Old World, classic styling, and are luxurious, beautiful, and permanent. The iconic look and feel of a traditional English greenhouse will bring enjoyment to your gardening experience, while the solid construction and practical design of a fully functional and properly working greenhouse add value to your growing space. Each of our Victorian glass greenhouses is designed with plenty of ventilation and well-insulated seals to offer your plants the best growing environment, lending practicality to these beautiful home greenhouse kits.

Our Victorian glass greenhouses feature:

  • High-performance aluminum profiles that are larger, thicker, stronger than those of any competitor in this price range
  • High-quality 4mm tempered glass (our competitors use only 3 mm glass)
  • Windows include substantial rubber seals, which provide better insulation - others only use metal clips
  • One-piece vertical glass - Others use two overlapping pieces, which fill with dirt
  • Foundation frame included - others usually cost extra
  • 1 or 2 Spindle Roof Window Openers (great in windy conditions), and automatic window openers on other roof windows
  • Included misting system
  • Shoulder (with large gutter) 6'7" high - about 1 foot higher than other greenhouses
  • One sliding door - can be put in any vertical glass location (front, back, or sides)
  • Significantly better insulated than other glass greenhouses with rubber seals, single-pane window, and 4mm glass
  • Engineer stamped drawings and certifications available on most models, please inquire for details.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ selection of Old World glass greenhouse kits includes traditional layouts, classic Victorian orangeries, and pavilions with decorative elements like handsome finials, ornate ridge cresting, vented cupolas, and gutters with downspouts. Whether you’re looking for a working greenhouse or a stylish garden room, our impressive designs will enhance your backyard living space for years to come.

Garden, entertain, produce food for your family, or simply relax in your Victorian greenhouse/ conservatory. Choose the design which suits your needs, aesthetic, and budget with confidence, knowing you can expect the best in service and support from your Gothic Arch greenhouse team. Call us today at 1-800-471-5238.