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Gothic Arch Greenhouses – Cypress Frame Kits

Our Gothic Arch Cypress Greenhouse is a beautiful, hand-crafted, and durable structure made locally in our Mobile, AL facility by our master carpenters, and is the cornerstone of our business. We've been making this sturdy design for well over 70 years.

This Cypress framed greenhouse kit offers the highest value for the dollar of any structure we offer. Energy efficient, built to last, and easy to assemble, our Gothic Arch kits are ideally suited for hobbyists, schools, and institutions alike.

Plants love the light diffusion that our polycarbonate covering system offers, and the insulation value of our cypress wood framing far exceeds that of aluminum-framed greenhouses. Heart Cypress is extremely resistant to water and insect damage, making it a great choice for any climate.

Our highly adaptable design makes it easy to add more growing area as your greenhouse needs require, add a second or a double-sized door, or increase the size of your ventilation. The durable wooden frame can be painted or stained with ease. The Gothic Arch is truly a one-of-a-kind greenhouse!

The Gothic Arch Cypress Greenhouse boasts a gothic arch-shaped design that is both eye-catching and attractive, complementing all architectural and landscape styles. This unique shape offers unparalleled protection from extreme wind and snow. Because of the high profile of the ridge, the Gothic Arch Greenhouse allows for taller specialty crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as many tropical trees.

With the flexible design of this greenhouse, you have many foundation options. From installing the greenhouse directly on the ground to raising the structure on a high foundation wall, the height of this structure is your choice. We do not ship this unit with a door, which allows you the flexibility of choosing a simple storm door, a beautiful glass and wooden door, or anything you choose to enhance the beauty of your greenhouse!

Gothic Arch Cypress Greenhouse Specifications

Also available separately

Our cypress wood greenhouse will add a unique charm to any landscape, making it ideal for homes, schools, community gardens, restaurants, parks, and more. Contact one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769 for more information to discuss your requirements.