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Engineered Structures

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers engineered commercial greenhouse structures to meet the requirements of building codes and of investors in your growing operation. We offer many structures that include engineer-stamped drawings, which are a set of stamped plans certifying the greenhouse for snow and wind loads according to the requirements of the International Building Code.

Permits and code changes may require that a grower construct a professionally engineered structure where previously a non-load rated greenhouse may have been allowed to be built. Make sure you and the local building official are clear as to the purpose of your project to ensure the proper rules are being applied. Many locations offer exemptions for farms, be sure to check the requirements for your property, as they may have changed. Many areas have had recent updates due to the extreme weather events of recent years.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses’ engineers can provide design solutions for structural engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering. We ensure that our structures are certified by engineers licensed in your state, and are designed to withstand your specific wind, seismic, and snow loading conditions.