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Gothic Arch Greenhouses knows that no outdoor structure provides as much charm and style as a gazebo. These beautiful buildings were once seen as an elite status symbol in ancient Egypt. Used throughout history in gardens, monasteries, and tea ceremonies, gazebos have proven to withstand the test of time.

Gazebos are truly a versatile, outdoor extension of your home. The ample floor space allows you to add tables, chairs, and other patio furniture creating an open air dining room or entertainment area for your family and guests, and are great gathering places for public spaces, apartments, condominiums, campuses, and more. Gazebos make ideal retreats from the noises of everyday life. The peaceful atmosphere makes these structures the perfect place to meditate, practice yoga, or enjoy a cup of coffee before starting your day.

Gazebos allow you to enjoy the outdoors and the fresh air while being protected from sunlight and rain. You can even add insect screens if you need additional protection from pests such as mosquitoes. From backyards to public parks, a gazebo offers a beautiful space to relax in style.

A gazebo not only enhances your landscape and adds charm to your home or business, but it will also add value to your property. Adding a gazebo to your backyard is essentially like adding another room to your home. And because they are fully customizable, you can design a backyard gazebo that blends in perfectly with the architecture and scheme of your existing buildings.

Gazebo Kits

Your choice of a wood gazebo or vinyl gazebo comes in four shape options to create your perfect alfresco space

  • Oval: the classic greenhouse shape
  • Elliptical: more spacious than the octagon, but maintains the traditional gazebo style.
  • Rectangular: ideal for a poolside or backyard gathering space for family and friends.
  • Large: available in any shape, perfect for entertaining a crowd or for creating a covered area in a park or recreational area.

Gazebo Materials

Wood gazebos add a rustic quality to any home. Your wood gazebo can be stained for a rich, warm finish, painted for a quaint, colonial feel, or unfinished for a more natural look.

Vinyl gazebos have a sleek, modern look and feel. Your vinyl gazebo can be painted to compliment your home and landscape.

Custom Gazebos

Choose from a variety of structural and style options for your custom gazebo:

  • Style: Dutch, Colonial, Baroque, or New England style
  • Roof shape: standard, pagoda, cupola, pinnacle or bell shaped
  • Flooring: natural wood or cedar, grey, brown, or chestnut composite flooring
  • Roof material: asphalt shingles, rubber slate, metal, standing seam metal, cedar shakes
  • Accessories: turned posts, Victorian braces, bottom rails, screen package, electrical package
  • Engineering: upgraded structural supports for high wind or heavy snow load areas is available
  • Sizes: 8', 10', 12', 14', 18', 20', 22', 24' 26', 28', 30'

Adding a gazebo to your home is not only a good investment, it's a great way to have a little "home away from home" without having to leave your property. Start building your dream gazebo with us today. Call the outdoor experts at Gothic Arch Greenhouses to get started: 1-800-531-4769.