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Commercial Greenhouse Packages

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the most trusted name in complete greenhouse packages, with over 70 years of dependable service providing total growing solutions. Find a greenhouse package outfitted with the right structure, supplies, growing accessories, and environmental control systems to fit any need.

Complete Commercial Greenhouse Packages are perfect for:

  • Farming

  • Larger School and University Agricultural programs

  • Public parks

  • Commercial gardening businesses

  • Plant nurseries

  • Hydroponic growers

  • Research facilities

  • --and anyone who wants the ease of an all-in-one solution to quickly move your production to the next level.

About our greenhouse packages

Gothic Arch Greenhouses offers greenhouse packages for all levels of commercial grower that are durable, affordable, and scaled from “just getting started” through “all-inclusive.” Our greenhouse packages begin with a top-quality commercial greenhouse that combines the most durable materials with state-of-the-art technology. Adding cooling, ventilation, and heating for a controlled growing environment that is stable no matter the season, offering year-round protection from the elements and pests. With fuel costs rising, we understand the importance of energy conservation and reduced production costs. Our greenhouse experts will work one on one with you to ensure that you are equipping your greenhouse with the most cost effective, energy-efficient products to help maintain an optimum growing environment while cutting down on labor and utility costs.

In addition to providing your commercial greenhouse and accessories, Gothic Arch Greenhouses will also work closely with you and your building team to ensure that your structure meets the building codes in your area. We can engineer your structure to specific snow and wind loads, as well as recommend products that meet International Building Codes.

We also offer package extras like greenhouse lighting, benches, irrigation, shade cloth, blackout shade systems, hydroponic grow systems and more for even more functionality, all scaled to the square footage of your greenhouse.

Our high-quality professional greenhouse packages give you everything you need to start growing faster, with propane or natural gas heaters, vents, circulation fans, shutters, exhaust fans, and more. Ordering a complete greenhouse package saves you both time and money, by eliminating the calculations and guesswork of finding correctly-sized components that work together for your space.

Commercial Greenhouse Packages

From production growing of ornamental and landscape plants to commercial produce crops and organic growing, large-scale plant production has developed into a highly specialized business. Our commercial greenhouse packages are designed to extend your growing seasons and enhance your production efforts to the fullest extent. Greenhouses that address heating, cooling, ventilation, and shading needs in one convenient package give you the advantage of a quick start with all the tools for success at your fingertips.

Specialized Growing Greenhouse Packages

Specialized growing packages give you everything you need for crops with special requirements. Our hydroponic greenhouse packages, vertical growing greenhouses, and light deprivation greenhouse packages are curated to include everything you need for specialty crops like tropicals, orchids, ornamentals, hemp, micro-greens, and more.

Unsure how to select the best greenhouse package for you? Our greenhouse experts can help! Call our friendly and knowledgeable staff today to get expert guidance and advice; we are happy to help you find your perfect greenhouse package that will serve your needs for years to come. Reach us at 1-800-531-4769.