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Retractable Roof Greenhouses

One of the hottest trends in commercial growing is utilizing Retractable Roof Greenhouses. These greenhouses allow you to reap the benefits of both full sun growing and greenhouse growing year-round. Roofs totally open so that plants receive maximum light and infra-red radiation during the early morning and late afternoon to warm up plants to maximize photosynthesis. The ability to cover or uncover your plants at any moment ensures that your crops will be able to survive the hottest summers and the coldest winters. The retractable roof can automatically be fully closed, fully retracted or partially closed to create the best possible environment for the crop based on the outside weather conditions.

Enhanced Cooling

With all the trapped heat and energy in greenhouses, retractable roof greenhouses enhance the cooling effect. A ventilation system is not big enough to exhaust heat as quickly as greenhouses take them in. Retractable roof greenhouses take trapped heat out of the equation.

Heat Retention

When paired with an energy curtain system, retractable roof greenhouses have the ability to trap heat while the roof is closed, providing protection from freezing wind, snow and hail. There are three types of curtain systems that will help keep your structure at optimal growing temperatures:

  • Interior curtain systems that are custom designed to be installed inside greenhouses manufactured by others
  • Interior/ exterior curtain systems that are designed to be installed inside greenhouses with roofs that retract or open
  • Exterior curtain systems that are installed above greenhouses

Flat Roof

The retractable flat roof greenhouses are an affordable way to protect rain tolerant crops from excessive heat, cold, and wind. There is a wide variety of water porous roof coverings and structural designs that allow for the optimal balance between crop requirements, environmental conditions, and the level of investment. This style is best suited for tropical/semi-tropical regions with arid dry conditions.


The retractable A-frame greenhouse is designed for heavy snow and wind loads and has spans that match up with most standard house widths. A-Frame roofs protect plants from excessive cold, rain, wind, snow and heat.

Retractable Roof Greenhouses are ideal for areas where climate is unpredictable. Help provide year-round protection for your investment by calling one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.