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Commercial Fabric Structures

We offer a variety of Commercial Fabric Structures of the highest quality and the most economical prices. Fabric structures are versatile and ideal for numerous applications including storing equipment and machinery, creating a covered event space or riding arena, constructing a municipal or community pavilion, housing livestock, and protecting vehicles from the elements. Virtually unlimited sizes and varieties of our fabric structures are available in several styles, assuring that you will be able to find a structure to meet your needs.

House Buildings

House Buildings feature a peaked roof and awnings along the sidewalls, providing users with a more traditional look.

  • Suitable for event spaces, storage and much more
  • Roomy interior and extra clearance with a peaked roof design
  • Overhanging eaves – Additional outdoor coverage
  • Durable, triple-galvanized steel frame
  • Easily expanded in the future
  • Build nearly anywhere

Container Buildings

Container Buildings provide a secure storage space for commercial operations.

  • Shipping container foundation for more storage space
  • Extra-tall clearances
  • Custom and stock designs available
  • Natural ventilation for increased air flow
  • Corrosion-resistant truss frames
  • Maximum usable space – No internal support beams

Pavilion Buildings

Pavilion Buildings feature an open design that accommodates a variety of functions.

  • Maximum ventilation – Open end walls and sidewalls
  • Natural lighting – Eliminate costs of artificial lighting
  • UV-resistant cover
  • Multiple foundation options – Build quickly, reduce costs
  • Fast construction – Avoid messy, costly installation

Round Buildings

Round Buildings are ideal as storage space, work space, livestock housing and numerous other applications. They can be freestanding or attached to existing structures, adding to their versatility.

  • Custom and stock designs available
  • Natural ventilation
  • High clearance
  • Maximum usable space – No internal support posts
  • Cost-effective foundation options
  • End Walls available
  • Custom covers, end panels and accessories available

To inquire about these, or other commercial fabric structures, contact one of our experts today at 1-800-531-4769 (toll free).