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Teaching aquaponics is the most rewarding thing; we are really missing the experience of meeting people from all over the world during these challenging times. We look forward to getting people back to the farms soon. In the meantime, we have worked hard to put together a tremendous amount of online content, farm videos, presentations, and valuable resources for you. With our online aquaponics classes, many more of you can access the farms and educational experience without the added cost and risk of traveling. Now we’re bringing the farming right to you! We hope you enjoy the classes. 


What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the raising of fish and plants in a recirculating ecosystem. The fish waste provides nutrients for plants. Bacteria and plants help to clean the water for the fish.

Why Aquaponic Farming & Gardening?

An aquaponic farm can be located near consumers and virtually eliminate unnecessary “food miles.” You can provide the freshest, most nutritious food for your family and community. An aquaponic farm creates and generates…

  • Significantly less water consumption than soil-based agriculture
  • No harmful pesticides and fertilizers. This is a natural ecosystem.
  • Compost for soil replenishment
  • Fodder for animals and livestock
  • Sustainable farm-raised fish
  • A green business contributing to the well-being of people and the planet
  • Local jobs, education, volunteer and therapeutic opportunities

Benefits of Aquaponics

  • Water Conservation – Aquaponic systems recirculate water continuously and require far less water per plant than soil-based agriculture. Water does not need to be fully flushed or even partially from the system, as is the case with hydroponics. Only small amounts of water (usually less than a gallon every few days) are discharged from the solids filter. This solids discharge can be further broken down in a separate aerobic mineralization tank.

  • Continuous Food Production for your family, school, or business. The system is designed to produce fish and plants continuously year-round assuming the proper environmental conditions for plant production.
  • A Natural Eco-System – Aquaponics is inherently an organic system relying on natural bacterial processes to convert ammonia from fish waste to nitrates, which is beneficial for plants.

  • Tremendous Growth and Yields – In a healthy aquaponic system, plants grow very robustly and fast because of consistent nutrient absorption, optimal water quality, temperature, light, and pH, among other factors.

  • Fish Friendly – Fish are stocked at low to moderate densities to provide them plenty of space and good water quality (Usually 1 adult fish to every 5 to 7 gallons of water). There is no need to overstock fish.
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