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Poinsettia Care Plan for Reblooming

Poinsettia Care Plan for Reblooming


Poinsettias have become a holiday tradition, causing many people ask, “How do I care for Poinsettias year-round?” Gothic Arch Greenhouses is here to help, with Poinsettia care advice that will have your blooms recurring year after year!

Poinsettias are sensitive to light and temperature, and do best indoors year-round in many climates. With proper care, they can continue to delight each season. To ensure your poinsettias rebloom, we recommend:

Poinsettia Care Plan for Late Spring

• Replant in new soil
• Trim to 6”
• Water regularly
• Add fertilizer every 2 weeks (We recommend a 30-10-10 mix)
• Place outdoors in a sunny location
• Maintain a temperature range of 60°-75°
• Pinch tips off new shoots when 6” – 8” long
• In late July, cut back to 5” – 6”

*Keep in mind that hotter climates may require plant to be moved indoors during hotter times of day—ideally, a greenhouse can provide perfect temperatures with plenty of solar exposure*

Poinsettia Care Plan for Late Summer

• Bring indoors before evening temperatures begin to drop.
• Place in full sun, with 3 to 6 hours of direct sun daily
• Continue to fertilize every 2 weeks

Poinsettia Care Plan for Fall

• For poinsettias to bloom, they need 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily for 40 days
• Place in a dark place or cover completely at dusk, then remove the next morning so that the plant is kept in total darkness. Continue daily.
• Do not fertilize November 1 through December 30

With a light deprivation schedule, a poinsettia should bloom by holiday time. Even as little as 10 minutes of artificial light during the blackout period can delay blooms by weeks or even months, so stay vigilant and enjoy your poinsettia all winter long! Happy Growing!