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Choosing a Greenhouse Cooling System
Helping your greenhouse keep its cool is going to be paramount for your plant health and growing success in the warmer—and sometimes downright hot!—days of summer.Of course, your challenges are going to vary depending on your local climate, but cooling a greenhouse will require a combination of shade, ventilation and humidity that works in your particular growing zone.
The Importance of Greenhouse Ventilation
Greenhouse ventilation is a fundamental aspect of creating a healthy growing environment. Proper airflow management ensures temperature regulation, humidity control, disease and pest prevention, and optimal plant growth. By implementing effective ventilation systems and strategies, you can maintain a thriving greenhouse ecosystem. Remember to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality regularly and make adjustments as needed. With the right ventilation in place
Advantages of Growing in a Greenhouse
Growing plants in a greenhouse offers a myriad of advantages that can enhance your gardening experience and increase your success as a grower. From extended growing seasons and climate control to pest management and increased crop yields, the controlled environment of a greenhouse empowers you to create an optimal growing
When to Upgrade Your Commercial Greenhouse
Maintaining your commercial greenhouse can mean more than sealing doors, greasing hinges, and fixing tears or cracks in coverings. For commercial greenhouses, proper maintenance also means making necessary upgrades to keep your operation efficient and your workforce effective. Not only can this result in healthier plants, but also better profit margins.
How to Make Natural Ventilation Work in Your Greenhouse
Natural ventilation has become a preferred option for larger growers, in particular, as energy costs of fan cooling rise. This ventilation method works by supplying cooler air, such as through vents or an open-roof design, to allow the lighter, warmer air to be pushed out. All greenhouses built prior to the 1950s featured a system of louvres and vents to help allow excess heat to escape by pulling cooler air in.
How to Improve Commercial Greenhouse Operations
The greenhouse industry in the United States has steadily grown—and is expected to reach $4 billion in sales by 2020. Limited resources such as labor, land, and water present challenges in commercial greenhouse operations.
7 More Crops That Grow Best in Winter Gardens
If you love gardening, there’s no reason to let the cooler weather interrupt you! There are plenty of crops that thrive when the temperatures fall, so don’t think you have to take a break until the spring. Winter gardens are beautiful and nutritious!
What to Consider With Greenhouse Ventilation
Greenhouses are designed to trap heat, so learning to properly manage the temperature inside helps create the ideal environment you want. Ventilation is key in this process, specifically understanding the system that works best for you and how to most efficiently set it up. .
Most Energy-Efficient Ways to Cool a Greenhouse in Summer
A greenhouse’s ability to trap heat makes it ideal for providing necessary warmth to plants in cooler winter months. But managing that heat in the warmer summer months can present a challenge for the grower. .
What Studies Say About Greenhouse Ventilation Methods
Managing temperatures in a greenhouse is of utmost importance to growers, particularly when they start to rise in the summer.Several greenhouse ventilation methods are available, but selecting the one—or the combination—that is best suited for your efforts is dependent upon local climate and even the type of crops you are growing.