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Customer Comments

I am the proud owner of an early-model Gothic Arch Greenhouse. It was originally built out of corrugated fiberglass and redwood about thirty years ago. When I set out to refurbish it, I didn't know that the company that made it was still in business. After working with wooden greenhouses, I understand why they're around thirty years later. They helped me select new products to upgrade the greenhouse, and also provided technical assistance along the way to make sure it was done right. The greenhouse is now as good as new again. I highly recommend this company if you need a greenhouse. I expect that my greenhouse will last at least another 30 years, and maybe even fifty (which is probably longer than I'll be around).

R. Moody Kerrville, Texas


Wooden Greenhouse

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*In the Lower 48 States

wooden greenhouses,greenhouse supplies by Gothic Arch greenhouses Inc


Beautiful Gothic Arch Design

The Gothic Arch Greenhouse is one of the strongest forms known to man and is unaffected by extremes of snow and wind. The eye-catching design of the Gothic Arch Greenhouse compliments all architectural styles.

Because of the high profile of the ridge, the Gothic Arch Greenhouse allows for taller specialty crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers as well as many tropical trees.

The one-piece, monolithic construction of the curved roof and sides allows for a faster and easier installation.  Because of the flexible design of the Gothic Arch Greenhouse, you have many foundation options. From installing the greenhouse directly on the ground, to raising the structure on a high foundation wall, the height of this structure is your choice.  Each Gothic Arch Greenhouse is hand-crafted by our master craftsman.  Gothic Arch design encourages condensation run-off.

Energy-Efficient Heart Cypress Framing

wooden greenhouses

The Heart Cypress framing is hundreds of times more energy efficient and insulating than metal framed greenhouses

(Why choose cypress?) Building is easier because of the familiarity of wood to most do-it-yourself homeowners.  Highly adaptable - Easily frame-in double doors and equipment at no extra charge for the kit.  Heart Cypress is extremely resistant to water and insect damage

 Griffolyn T-55 (PDF)Select This link New Brochure PDF

Made in the USA for over 60 Years

(Why Choose Gothic Arch Greenhouses?)

As a third-generation, family owned and operated business, we take pride in the thousands of wooden greenhouses being enjoyed by our customers and friends throughout the country (and world-wide).  After 64 years of greenhouse design and construction, we can answer all of your greenhouse questions and concerns. We take pride in our pleasant, professional sales staff You will be greeted with southern hospitality


Accessories Available:

Heating  •  Circulation Fans  •  Ventilation •  Shading  • Mist Irrigation • Controls Evaporative Coolers  •   Benches  • Hanging Basket Systems  •Solar Powered Roof Vent


  • Corrugated Polycarbonate

  • 8mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate

  • 8mm Triple-Wall Polycarbonate

Sizes Available:

  • Width - 8', 12', 14', 18' ,22'

  • Length - Any Length in 4' increments

  • Height - Depends on Width

wooden Greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses Wooden greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc

Wooden greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Wooden Greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc

Wooden greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc

Wooden greenhouse from Gothic Arch Greenhouses Inc

Gothic Arch Greenhouses with the heavy Snow

gothic arch greenhouses with snow

gothic arch greenhouses with snow

gothic arch greenhouses with snow

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

We found Gothic Arch Greenhouses to be very accommodating to our requests as novice green house owners.  Our 18’ x 24 ‘ Gothic Arch model now serves as a remote classroom and lab for our students studying agri-sciences, hydroponics and aquaculture.  The quality of workmanship is superior and the construction took a mere 3 days, even for novices!  Their customer service representatives are all extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the greenhouse, from construction to outfitting.We would highly recommend Gothic Arch Greenhouses to institutions or individuals looking to get involved with serious greenhouse fun!
Alamuchy Elementary School

New Jersey

wooden greenhouses,wood greenhouses

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Customer Comments

We managed to get our 14' x 20' Gothic Arch Greenhouse up on its foundation and all closed in before the snows hit us this past Fall, and now that warmer weather has returned, we have begun to install the air exhaust fan and the two motorized air vents.  We still need to dig a 325" ditch for the propane, water and electrical services, but hope to have that task accomplished before the month of May arrives.  My wife has of course started to plant things, so it will be a race to see if we can get these essentials completed before the hot weather hits us.  So far we are very happy with the purchase, and would like to compliment you and your associates on your willingness to be patient with our many phone calls on needed help and advice with the erection of the building, and more recently, with the installation of the ventilation equipment.   We were very fortunate in having picked a good site, and the building looks quite attractive from our kitchen window.  We've had many envious compliments, and now hope to be able to spend many enjoyable hours working in the warm atmosphere of our very own greenhouse ... particularly when it's below zero on the outside. We will keep you informed as things proceed.


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