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Institutional & School Greenhouses

Gothic Arch Is Your Source For Institutional & School Greenhouse

The best Institutional Greenhouses for sale from Gothic Arch Greenhouses!!

Backyard growers and commercial operations aren’t the only ones who need high-quality greenhouses for less. At Gothic Arch Greenhouses, we also cater specifically to institutional customers who require greenhouse kits and custom designs to teach, provide food for a burgeoning population and much more. No matter the size or style of greenhouse required or the intended application, we’re here to assist.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is an Alabama-based business that’s been around since 1946. Since our inception, we have worked hard to become the most trusted name in the greenhouse industry. As a family owned company, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. To ensure our company is the go-to source for greenhouse supplies, we offer only the very best in greenhouse kits and custom designs at prices our customers love. From backyard designs to large-scale commercial and institutional creations, we put quality into everything we do.

Our recommendations for a full Horticulture Training Center

These recommendations are a great tool to use for teachers to help envision what equipment and supplies they will need for their horticultural training needs. We have categorized these into enrollment levels, instead of budgets. Your enrollment level is how many students you will have inside your greenhouse at one time.

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Below are some guidelines to help you design your school`s greenhouses program

Level I for 10-25 Students (PDF)
Level II for 26-50 Students(PDF)
Level III for 51-100 Students(PDF)
Level IV for 100+Students (PDF)

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

Check out our Schools Greenhouse Package »

Instructor Greenhouse Package

Instructor Greenhouse Package The instructor greenhouse is a strong durable structure with a hard shell, and it has a guaranteed 10 year polycarbonate cover. This greenhouse is completely accessible to those with disabilities. The polycarbonate will not sustain fire and the galvanized steel structure is fireproof. Virtually indestructible the Instructor greenhouse will give years of valuable service. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons have all discovered the values of greenhouses for education and development. Students discover a whole new world as their knowledge grows with their projects.

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Gothic Arch Schools Greenhouse Package

Gothic Arch Schools Greenhouse Package Made in the USA for over 50 Years, The Gothic Arch is one of the strongest forms known to man and is unaffected by extremes of snow and wind. The Heart Cypress framing is hundreds of times more energy efficient and insulating than metal framed greenhouses. The Gothic Arch Greenhouse package is well-suited for schools. This greenhouses can be easily be build by the students to give hands-on experience in greenhouse construction.

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A-Frame Teaching  Greenhouse

A-Frame Teaching Greenhouse is the world’s first organic gardening system that has been designed to grow plants and fish, year-round, both indoors and out. TAB Aquaponics System is a highly productive aquaponics system that grows a nearly boundless variety of plants using organic nutrients supplied by fish growing in an attractive adjoining tank. Imagine, waist-high container gardening without weeds or back strain that automatically waters and fertilizes itself and takes only minutes a day. All while using a fraction of the water of a dirt-based gardening systems.

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Research level Greenhouses

Research level Greenhouses are designed to provide a comfortable environment to achieve optimum results in curved or straight eave configurations. All high-end research level greenhouses are constructed of maintenance free aluminum framing members. Our unique I-beam profile is designed for maximum strength to meet all building code specifications

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Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse Package Glass is quite inert, in contrast to plastic, and it can function for 40 to 50 years without failure. It is non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation and air pollutant degradation, and it maintains its initial radiation transmission if regularly cleaned. If you require a beautiful, permanent greenhouse for your project, maybe the glass greenhouse is the best choice.

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Quonset Greenhouse Package Its engineered design is the secret. Our design team starts with Allied's Gatorshield 50,000 PSI, galvanized structural steel tubing. It's made for maximum performance in Quonset Packagegreenhouse design. Gatorshield averages 42% stronger and 15% lighter than Schedule 40 pipe. Still, tubing is tubing. It's the design that makes the difference. Nothing is used that will weaken your frame and cause it to fail when you need it the most! These packages were developed to provide a complete greenhouse, ready to move into. All you need to add is benches and a few other growing accessories to match the plants you will be growing. We offer this system in our Northern and Southern Package based on your climate.

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Teaching Greenhouse

Teaching Greenhouse 14'W Teaching Greenhouses are available in a variety of lengths, making them ideal for research, education and other institutional facilities. Ideal for colleges and universities, community colleges, high schools, elementary schools, public schools, correctional facilities, research facilities and more!

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The CL-18 Greenhouses Packages

The CL-18 Greenhouses Packages offers an ideal environment for almost any application. Superior strength Roll-Form truss and purlin assemblies offer maximum strength and other amenities such as built-in condensate control features. Flush mounted purlins, combined with an all-bolt-together design, make building this greenhouse a breeze.

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Natural Ventilation Greenhouse

Natural Ventilation Greenhouse Keep the fresh air flowing! One of the best natural ventilation greenhouses. When you need a greenhouse with unparalleled natural ventilation, the XA-300 or XA-210 is the ideal choice. With the integrated Poly-Vent® natural ventilation system on both sidewalls and ridge vent, the XA-Series will provide your plants with all the fresh air they need. Built tough with heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing, the XA-Series is available in 21' or 30' widths as either freestanding or gutter connected. It is a perfect choice for Institutions and Schools

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Institutional Greenhouses

The professionals at Gothic Arch love working with schools and other institutions to meet their exact greenhouse needs. We have more than 60 years plus experience putting together institutional and school projects. Let us put our wealth of experience to work for you and your teaching greenhouse project will flourish.

We offer our institutional customers access to a wide variety of designs to meet their specific needs. Some of the options we provide in teaching greenhouses include:

Instructor Greenhouses – These designs provide a durable structure with a hard shell. These greenhouses are perfect for a wide variety of uses and can stand up to a wind load of 90 mph.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses – These greenhouses are our own designs and have been made in the United States for more than 50 years. They are offered in a variety of sizes to work for classes of all sizes.

The Appalachian A-Frame – Where higher snow and wind loads are required, these greenhouse models are designed to offer plenty of space with a strong, sturdy frame.

Glass – We also offer glass greenhouses to meet specific institutional requirements.

In addition to the above models, we are proud to offer our customers access to a number of other designs. From freestanding economy packages and research level greenhouses to full custom designs, we are here to assist no matter what your specific needs happen to be.

When you need greenhouse kits or supplies for institutional use, Gothic Arch is here to help. Just contact us directly for assistance on your greenhouse project.