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Research Level Greenhouses

Research level greenhouses for scientific research and teaching applications for schools, colleges, and universities, including private or governmental research facilities, are all available through Gothic Arch Greenhouses. Using specific design details within the construction of greenhouses for research centers, we can satisfy the highest demands concerning air density, security, hygiene, control engineering, etc., as required in containment and quarantine facilities. Our specially developed solutions satisfy all the statutory requirements.

The key features of a research level greenhouse are:

  • An environmental control system that carefully regulates the research greenhouses’ environment, creating consistent, optimal conditions for your research.

  • Remote access to greenhouse control systems for monitoring capabilities day or night

  • Sealed glazing systems that prevent the leakage of air and water

  • Height adjustable supplemental grow lighting

  • Programmable irrigation system so plants can be watered day or night

  • Structures can be divided into sections to create multiple environmental conditions throughout one space

  • Optional Hydroponic and Aquaponic systems allow for experiments using different growing techniques

  • Convenient, full educational greenhouse packages are available

Each greenhouse is completely customizable to your specific job. Whether you are looking for a small, casual, controlled study environment, or a large, solar greenhouse for specific research, we can provide all of the help you need from conceptualization through building. Call one of our greenhouse experts today at 1-800-531-4769.

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Fill out the quote form to receive a custom quote for your greenhouse project.