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22' W x 60' L Cypress Gothic Arch Greenhouse Complete Package

Educational Excellence Blooms with the 22' W x 48' L Cypress Gothic Arch Greenhouse Package for School: Discover a tailored greenhouse solution for educational institutions. Nurture hands-on learning and growth within this spacious and versatile greenhouse package.
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Cypress Gothic Arch Greenhouse Framing Includes Cypress 4' OC prefabricated Gothic Arches, 2" x 2" purlins, 1" x 2" filler strips, 1" x 4" ridge boards, 2" x 4" end framing and ridge cap supports, and 1/2" exterior plywood gussets. Because of the high costs of shipping doors, we recommend you get a door locally. Any basic storm door (fit to the dimensions given) will work great!


  • Clear 8mm Twinwall Polycarbonate - 81% Light Transmission
  • Eave Glazing: 8mm clear twin wall, no drip polycarbonate. (10 yr. warranty)

Door :

  • 1 ea 42" x 6' - 6" A.D.A. compliant single swing door(s) with lever action lock and key. 
  • Doors are three-quarter tempered glass, designed to open toward the outside of the greenhouse.

Sealed Engineering Drawings for Structural Design

  • *Engineered stamped drawings are available for this structure.  If your county requires these for a building permit, please contact our office.
  • Not a load rated structure, if engineer-stamped drawings are required to obtain a building permit, final cost may be adjusted subject to Engineering evaluation based on local snow, wind and seismic load criteria


  • 2 ea. 30" Exhaust Fans
  • 1 ea. 20" Gable Exhaust Fan
  • 4 ea. 36 - Main Motorized Air-Intake Shutters
  • 3 ea. One-Speed Mechanical Thermostat

Evaporative Cooling System

  • 1ea. 3' high x 15' wide x 4" deep - Evaporative Cooling System - Complete with Pads, distribution system, pump, reservior and all accessories. 
  • Includes 2 ea additional. 36" x 36" motorized louvered shutters to be mounted behind the cooling pad.  


  • 2 ea. HD125,000 BTU Output Gas Unit Heater, Available in your choice of natural or propane gas. Thermostat included, customer to provide suspension and flue, 80% thermal efficiency, 1250 CFM, 100 Lbs.
  • It comes set up for LP gas, and Natural gas conversion is available.

Hanging Basket Rails

  • Hanging Basket System provides overhead supports running down inside edge of side benches. 1-3/8" galv. posts, cross supports, clamps and accessories. This system is is great for those who have heavy loads to hang in the greenhouse.

Shade Cloth

  • Aluminet Shade Cloth 30% - 50% shade density, knitted shade fabric with reinforced edges and brass grommets. Aluminet shade cloth is great because it shades as well as reflects light. In the winter, the aluminet acts like a blanket and keeps the warmth inside the greenhouse. You can think of it as a thermos for your greenhouse.


  • 2 Rows -4' W x 40' L Center Benches
  • 2 Rows - 3' W x 45' L Side Benches

Mist Irrigation System

  • This system waters your greenhouse automatically. This is a very important feature for those who travel. Mist Irrigation System includes 24 hr. program timer with day-skipper, electric solenoid control valve, gate valve, line strainer, mist heads, plus all PVC pipe fittings and accessorie

Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs / Fire Extinguisher:

  • Emergency Lighting / Exit Signs / Fire Extinguisher also has emergency lights powered by a rechargeable battery. Emergency lights should come on when the power is interrupted for any reason. 
  • One Multi-purpose dry chemical A-B-C rated 10 lb. Fire extinguisher charged with formulated siliconized dry chemical UL rated for fighting paper, wood, fabric, grease, flammable liquid, and electrical fires.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery