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Production Greenhouses

Gothic Arch Greenhouses specializes in the design, and building of turnkey projects for the highest quality production greenhouses, garden centers, research facilities, and a number of other specialized custom applications. Comprehensive ranges of structures are available to meet your requirements either from our standard design range or by providing a custom-designed and built solution.

To develop such a project our team is at your disposal. After careful evaluation of the technical considerations, we can help design the total project. Within the design, we take all aspects of the project into account such as equipment, interior layout, security provisions, and most importantly your specific needs. We are able to provide a practical solution for any application where a covered space is required. This includes specialized botanical gardens and arboretums, hotel lobbies and swimming pools enclosures, estate conservatories, and party houses.

The Series production greenhouses are energy efficient workspaces that are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. The choice of the Cabrio, Venlo or WideSpan styles allows you to create the most efficient greenhouse environment for your products.

Venlo Greenhouses

The Venlo Greenhouse is the most-built type of greenhouse worldwide. It is made of glass, with a skeleton of galvanized steel and aluminum. While this greenhouse is traditionally cladded with glass, polycarbonate, poly films or a combination of the three are optional. This greenhouse is a high-quality, versatile greenhouse style that is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and allow the maximum amount of light transmission. These rugged structures can withstand heavy wind and snow loads. Spanning from 21’ up to 60’, the high amount of light transmission and climate control capabilities help create the optimal environmental conditions no matter the type of crops being grown or the region they are located.

Cabrio Greenhouses

Building upon the traditional Venlo base and frame our Cabrio Greenhouse is ideal for both garden centers and commercial growers. This greenhouse features an innovative open roof structure that enables you to control temperature and ventilation. The motorized retractable roof allows for maximum air movement throughout the greenhouse, producing up to 95% ventilation.

All temperatures, light levels, and humidity can be automatically controlled allowing your production staff to maintain climate-controlled environments, enabling you to grow a wider variety of plants than ever before.

With a span from 21’ up to 66’ and several different cladding possibilities, these versatile, energy efficient greenhouses will help boost production and save you money.

WideSpan Greenhouses

Our WideSpan greenhouses offer a wider span up to 94’ and fewer columns than the Venlo and Cabrio styles. This allows for more space for crops and growing equipment. This greenhouse features a single, wider peak design that is both space-efficient and economical. The roof design and vent can be customized to ensure optimal growing conditions.

Because cladding is usually polycarbonate, poly film, or a combination of the two, this greenhouse is suitable for extremely hot climates and features a dual ridge vent to allow for plenty of airflow and circulation. A WideSpan Venlo Greenhouse comes in a variety of styles, sizes and can easily be gutter-connected to fit any type of growing need.

Our greenhouse experts are available to help design and build a production greenhouse to meet the needs of your business or operation. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769.