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Ranger Greenhouse

The Ranger Series Greenhouse appears to be a versatile and cost-effective option for various applications, including propagation, growing, retail garden centers, aquaculture, and instructional or institutional purposes. Here are some key features and specifications of this greenhouse:


  1. Style: The greenhouse is designed in a free-style gothic arch shape. This design not only provides an attractive appearance but is also engineered to reduce the accumulation of snow on the roof and maximize headroom inside the greenhouse.

  2. Size Options: The available width for the Ranger Series Greenhouse is 30 feet. The length can be customized in increments of 6 feet for a 10 lb. load rating or 4 feet for 20/30 lb. load ratings. This flexibility allows growers to choose the dimensions that suit their needs.

  3. Sidewall Heights: The standard sidewall height is 4 feet, but it can be extended up to 6 feet for an additional cost. Taller sidewalls can be beneficial for accommodating larger plants or aquaculture setups.

  4. Roof Covering: The greenhouse is framed for poly covering, which is a common and cost-effective choice. However, there is an option for hard covering at an additional cost if desired.

  5. Load Rating: The Ranger Series Greenhouse offers load ratings of 12, 20, or 30 pounds, meeting the stringent standards of the Uniform Building Codes. This ensures that the greenhouse can withstand varying levels of environmental stress.

  6. Frame Construction: The frame is constructed from high-quality, galvanized steel roll-formed components, providing durability and longevity. Galvanized steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor use.

  7. Arches and Columns: The greenhouse features a two-piece arch design with 9-1/2" rollform galvanized steel arches. Columns are also 9-1/2" rollform, arched, and downset on the ends for additional support.

  8. Gutters and Purlins: Gutters are not required for this greenhouse. Purlins, which are horizontal supports, run standard on the roof but are not included on the sidewalls.

  9. Endwalls: Endwalls consist of four 1-7/8" tube uprights with four runs of 5" rollform steel. Endwalls are optional and can be added as needed.

  10. Additional Requirements: Certain components such as wood baseboards, grading, and concrete are not included and are expected to be provided by the customer.

In summary, the Ranger Series Greenhouse offers a cost-effective solution for year-round production in various applications. Its robust construction, flexibility in size and load rating, and compatibility with different roof coverings make it a versatile choice for growers and institutions alike. However, customers should consider their specific needs and any additional requirements when purchasing this greenhouse.


Width = 30'
Sidewall Height = 4' (can be extended up to 6' for additional cost)
RidgeHeight = 14'


  • Components are shipped pre-punched and cut to length, simplifying the installation.
  • Roll-form components nest one into the other during shipment, substantially reducing freight rates.
  • Ease of construction cuts down on labor costs as compared with other commercial greenhouses.

We can also provide:

  • Rack & Pinion roof vents
  • Rack & Pinion side or end vents
  • Roll-up side or end wall curtains
  • Swing, sliding or roll-up door assemblies
  • Internal retractable shade systems
  • Exhaust fans, circulation fans and evaporative cooling systems
  • Space heaters, or radiant heat systems
  • Stationary, rolling or portable bench assemblies

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