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Greenhouse Ranges

Gothic Arch Greenhouses specializes in creating large greenhouse ranges for a variety of commercial and research operations. We ensure that your greenhouse environment not only meets the needs of your crops, but also provides flexibility for future expansion, changing your crop mix, and zoning your structure to grow more than one crop at a time. We offer full greenhouse packages, as well as individual structures and components that allow you to easily create a greenhouse range to meet all of your growing needs.

Benefits of Greenhouse Ranges

  • All of your crops are grown in the same space making it easier to monitor growth and progress
  • Employees can work without having to move from structure to structure
  • Greenhouse ranges can be as large as your land and growing space will allow
  • Easy expansion options are available so your greenhouse can grow as your business grows
  • Zoning greenhouse ranges allows you to grow multiple crops at once with each zone customized to meet the specific growing needs of each crop
  • From irrigation, lighting, humidity, light deprivation and more, greenhouse ranges can be fully automated with programmable systems that greatly cut down on labor hours and costs.

Types of Structures

  • Freestanding structures are ideal for smaller operations that are looking forward to expanding in the future.
  • Gutter connected greenhouse ranges are connected to one another on the side and allow for easy passage from structure to structure. They can be built in any size and are easy to expand upon in the future.

Commercial Applications

The efficiency and productivity of a greenhouse are the two most important factors in commercial growing operations. These factors are greatly influenced by the greenhouse's design. We will work with you to determine the specific needs of your investment by assessing growing requirements, local environmental conditions, and governmental regulations. From finding the correct lighting for each of your crops, to automated climate controls, we can design a greenhouse range that ensures maximum production and a return on your investment.

Research Applications

We understand that the environmental experience of a plant during production can have a significant impact on research and testing results. That is why we ensure that the internal greenhouse systems and equipment are properly considered and selected to achieve research parameters and required performance criteria. We utilize leading manufacturing and quality control procedures so you can be confident that your research greenhouse range is of the highest standard. Our goal is to provide a sustainable research facility that is flexible enough to accommodate changing projects, programs and funding. In addition to providing a research level structure, Gothic Arch Greenhouses also provides a variety of research level products to help your team achieve and maintain conditions pertinent to your research. We offer:

  • Research Greenhouse Ventilation/Air-Movement
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Supplemental Plant Growth Lighting
  • Misting & Irrigation
  • Shading & Heat Retention Systems
  • Plant Benching
  • Research Greenhouse Environmental Controls

If you are looking for greenhouse structures to grow with your business and provide the highest quality growing environment for your commercial operation or research facility, look no further than our experts at Gothic Arch Greenhouses. Call us today at 1-800-531-4769 to get started on your project.