Why Buy a Greenhouse

Reasons to Buy a Greenhouse Gothic Arch GreenhouseA greenhouse opens up a whole new world of gardening possibilities, but it’s understandable if you’re on the fence about whether you should make the investment.

Just like gardening, a greenhouse requires an investment of your time, money and, yes, even patience. Before you buy, you’ll have to take into account your budget, how much space you need (or want) and consider where you’ll place the greenhouse on your property.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses carries an extensive selection of greenhouse models for everyone, ranging from hobby gardeners to commercial growers to research and educational structures. First-time greenhouse owners and hobbyists may choose from our lean-to series to our luxury offerings—or anything in between!

Once you’ve made these all-important decisions that help steer you in the direction of the greenhouse model that is right for you, remind yourself of all of these exciting reasons to reinforce your decision to make that purchase in the first place. These are just some of the many gardening possibilities that lie ahead for you!

Protect your plants through the winter. No need to wonder whether your plants will survive your region’s harsh winters—or even an unseasonable cold snap. Simply move them inside your greenhouse, where they’ll find warmth to survive the season so they can be reused the next year.

Enjoy the fresh taste of vegetables year-round. Don’t let cooler weather put an end to the fresh bounty on your table. Take your gardening efforts inside your greenhouse! Plant the veggies you know and love or experiment with varieties that thrive in winter greenhouses, like carrots, spinach, cabbage, parsley, radishes and celery.

Try your hand at growing exotic plants. Add some ornamental flair to your greenhouse in the dark days of winter by attempting to grow tropical or exotic plants. Tropicals such as orchids, hibiscus and cacti, or ornamentals like geraniums, caladiums and poinsettias are built to thrive in the (reasonable) heat of a greenhouse.

Choose the seeds you want to start. With a greenhouse, you aren’t obligated to grow according to the seasons. So be a little adventurous when you browse the seed catalog, knowing that your greenhouse allows you to think (and garden) outside the box!

Sit inside and soak up sun like you’re outside. If it’s too cold to curl up and read or enjoy a cup of coffee outside, take your favorite form of relaxation inside the greenhouse! Sunshine is more than just good for your plants—it’s good for the soul too!

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