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production  Greenhouse

Greenhouses & Greenhouse Kits

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is the most trusted name in greenhouses with over 70 years of dependable service providing made in the USA, greenhouses and Supplies , related accessories, and the right environmental control systems to fit any need

Hobby Greenhouse Kits

Hobby Greenhouse Kits

We carry a handpicked selection of the finest hobby greenhouse kits for every price range and horticultural and architectural application.

Luxury Custom Greenhouses

Luxury Custom Greenhouses

Our mission is to design, develop the best environmentally specific Conservatories, Greenhouses, Sunrooms, Pool Enclosures, and Skylights

commercial AT Greenhouses - Plastic Greenhouse

Commercial Greenhouses

Our selection of greenhouses for commercial clients covers a wide variety of basic designs.

 Portable Greenhouses

Portable Structure

Our Portable Greenhouses are all about protecting your investments. Cover and protect cars, boats, RV's, campers, equipment, tools, or anything of value from weather. They are perfect to create a workshop or workspace.

Glass Greenhouses

Glass Greenhouses

Glass Greenhouses are luxurious, beautiful and permanent. For many people glass greenhouses are the iconic where the clarity of the glass truly creates a feeling of surrounded by their own cultivated paradise.

Wooden Greenhouse

Gothic Arch Greenhouses

The Gothic Arch Greenhouse is one of the strongest forms known to man and is unaffected by extremes of snow and wind. The eye-catching design of the Gothic Arch Greenhouse compliments all architectural styles.

Cold Frame & High Tunnels

Cold Frames & Hoop Houses

Cold Frames and High Tunnels are simple in construction, typically heated by the sun filtering through the poly film covering....offering protection from rain, wind, insects, birds etc

 Commercial Research Level Greenhouses

Research Greenhouses

Research greenhouses are designed to provide a comfortable environment to achieve optimum results in curved or straight eave configurations .

School Greenhouses

School Greenhouses

also cater specifically to institutional customers who require greenhouse kits and custom designs to teach, provide food for a burgeoning population and much more.