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6 Ways to Use Shade Cloth
Shade cloth is an invaluable commodity for lots of different applications. It is most commonly used to keep greenhouses cool. But did you know it has a wide variety of uses? As you can see on the list below, you can get creative with shade cloth while using it to reduce the intensity of sunlight!
How to Select Shade Cloth for Your Greenhouse
Incorporating shade cloth in your greenhouse is essential for managing temperature and protecting your plants. But greenhouse shade cloth isn’t a one-size-fits-all component.
Best Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer
If you’ve already invested in a greenhouse, then odds are you did, like most hobbyists and commercial growers, to be able to control the environment inside for your plants’ sake.Though temperature is one of the variables greenhouse gardeners try to manage, the more intense summer heat can certainly make it a challenge—especially depending on your local climate.