How to Use Your Greenhouse in the Summer

how to use greenhouse in summer, year round gardening, gothic arch greenhouseMany gardeners are drawn to invest in a greenhouse to help extend their growing seasons.

Not only does it give them the ability to control the growing environment—despite the extremes of weather—but also it helps them create a place for plants to thrive.

Having a greenhouse can help you stretch a growing season by two or three or even six months—including the summer.

If you’ve only been using your greenhouse as a way to prepare your plants before planting them in an outside garden, you can get even more out of your investment instead of letting it go unused in the hotter months of the year.

Here are some ways to increase the productivity of your greenhouse in the summer—(including some that don’t require growing anything!):

Use your greenhouse to grow heat-tolerant crops. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and basil are good options to plant because they thrive in the warmth, and your greenhouse will be able to provide plenty.

Extend your growing season year-round. You can use measures like shade cloth or evaporative coolers to prevent overheating in the summer, which will allow you to continue your gardening efforts business as usual.

Prepare for the next growing season. Seed the plants that will grow inside your greenhouse during the colder months. Start in the late summer or early fall while there is still enough light to produce healthy plants to provide a year-round harvest.

Transition crops between harvest and storage. Garlic and dry beans can benefit from a well-ventilated, dry space like your greenhouse if they need to dry before use. You can also dry your own tomatoes or even use it to cure winter squash and gourds.

Turn it into a sitting area. If you do move your garden outdoors in the summer, make the most of your greenhouse as a place to enjoy your morning coffee and admire the fruits of your labor. Shade cloth may be needed to reduce the intensity of the sun in some climates.

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