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What to Consider With Greenhouse Ventilation

What to Consider With Greenhouse Ventilation

Greenhouses are designed to trap heat, so learning to properly manage the temperature inside helps create the ideal environment you want.

Ventilation is key in this process, specifically understanding the system that works best for you and how to most efficiently set it up.

Two types of greenhouse ventilation systems are available: natural and mechanical. Both work by using cold, dense air to push warmer air up and out of a building.

Mechanical Greenhouse Ventilation

Mechanical systems consist of fans and louvers to press hot air out and pull cool air in. Because of automation, mechanical systems save money by cutting down on labor costs.

Natural Greenhouse Ventilation

Natural systems simply employ a series of roof and sidewall vents to accomplish ventilation. These ventilation systems are more energy efficient and cost-effective over the long term, but they will require more of an investment of your time because they aren’t electric.


Initial installation costs are similar with both systems.  Most growers take cost into consideration when selecting a ventilation system for their greenhouse. It’s important to evaluate the size of the greenhouse compared to the cost to operate it.

A mechanical system would be too costly for a small greenhouse, less than 40 square feet. And for a larger structure, more than 100 square feet, a mechanical system wouldn’t have the power to help maintain optimal temperature at both ends.

Take into account the seasons where you are located. During winters cold enough to bring snow, automated systems are ideal when you can open vents due to ground cover build-up. But in really hot summers, you also don’t want to run fans when natural ventilation will do.

With natural systems, you are not simply at the mercy of the seasons. There are extra steps you can take to help reduce excess heat. One of the best ways to do that is by covering your greenhouse with shade cloth, which will significantly reduce temperatures.

If you are looking to install a mechanical system, do evaluate the structure frame to determine if it can support a fan.  Ideally, exhaust fans hang near the roof or at the highest point possible. The size of the fan you will need will be dependent on the size of your greenhouse.

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