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Natural  Vents

Natural Vents

Achieve the maximum ventilation possible on hot and humid days with a high tunnel roof vent! Natural Vents

  • Unique roof-installed ventilation system provides a chimney-effect movement of hot air out of the tunnel.
  • Vent is constructed of a durable 8mm clear polycarbonate twin-wall panel mounted on a sturdy, white, powder-coated aluminum frame that measures 32" x 17". (Actual inside opening is 30" x 15").
  • Opens and closes automatically within preset temperature ranges.
  • To maximize ventilation, the vent should be installed as high on the roof as possible.
  • We suggest a vent be placed approximately every 15-20 feet to reach the ultimate effective roof ventilation.
  • It is recommended the cylinder from the automatic opener be removed during the winter months.
  • Installation of panel may require some field framing to support panel if used in a non-rigid panel installation