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Slant Wall Exhaust Fan

Our Slant Wall Exhaust Fans offer exceptional performance, low maintenance, and low operating costs. With aluminum shutters, tie bars, and poly shutter clips, these fans are built to last. Available in multiple sizes, including 24", 30", 36", 48", and 50", they are perfect for nurseries, commercial, or industrial properties. Add a performance-boosting cone and/or intake guard for even better results. The rugged X-frame motor mount ensures stability and quiet operation, while the plastic guard clips reduce noise and vibration. Plus, the pre-lubricated, permanently sealed shaft bearings and maintenance-free, high-efficiency motors are covered by a Two Year Warranty. Order now and experience the benefits of the Slant Wall Exhaust Fan.
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Product Details

  • Heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanized housing
  • Available in 24″ – 50″ models
  • Smooth spun venturi to maximize airflow
  • Rugged X-frame motor mount for stability and quiet operation
  • Available with or without a performance-boosting cone
  • Ships fully assembled except shutter and/or cone
  • 3, 4, or 6 blades galvanized or 3 blade cast aluminum props
  • Two speed and variable speed motors are available on select models (variable speed requires separate speed control)


UnitSizeHPVoltsAmpsHzPhaseDriveRough OpeningSpeedCFM@0.10CFM/WattRPM
VNS24S 3-Alum24"1/2115/2304.56/2.2860'1DD31" W x 31" H14431 11.51712
VNS30S850.3-Alum30" 1/2115/2306.2/3.160'1DD37" W x 37" H1660412.2799
VNS36D.3-Galv36"1/2115/2306.2/3.160'1DD41" W x 41" H1774914.1825
VNS36S13.3-Galv36"1/2230/4602.6/1.3-2.4/1.2603DD41" W x 41" H1797415.4825
VNS36S1.4-Galv36"1115/2306.6/3.3601BD41" W x 41" H1808512.0525
VNS36S134-Galv36"1208-230/4603.1-2.8/1.0601BD41" W x 41" H11237111.8525
VNS42S1.3-Galv42"1115/2309.0/4.5601BD49" W x 49" H11142011.5575
VNS42S2.3-Galv42"12305.8/4.2601BD49" W x 49" H214157
VNS50S.3-Galv50"1115/2309.0/4.5601BD55" W x 55" H11827913.9616
VNS50S2.3-Galv50"12305.8/4.2601BD55" W x 55" H218294
VNS50CSCA.350"1115/2309.0/4.5601BD55" W x 55" H11841115.9583
VNS503CSCA.350"1208-230/4605.8/4.2603BD55" W x 55" H11825717.3580

** - On 2-speed fans, the low CFM is 2/3 of the high CFM; separate speed control is required.


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Additional Information




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