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The AME™ Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fan offers efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. Utilizing a shrouded aerodynamic design and a high-efficiency motor, the AME™ fan is equipped to maximize the airflow potential in any greenhouse. These versatile and durable fans are the ideal cooling solution for any industrial or commercial facility. When combined with optional speed controllers, these fans offer unmatched flexibility in airflow as plants grow and mature.

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Product Details

The AME Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) Fans focus on efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity for optimizing airflow in various situations, particularly in greenhouse environments. Here's a summary of the key features and benefits:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Speed regulation for flexbility
  • Reduced number of fans
  • Low maintenance
  • Anti-corrosion design
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 230 Volt

Aerodynamic Design:

Utilizes an aerodynamic design to maximize airflow potential in different scenarios.
High-Efficiency Motor:

Equipped with a high-efficiency motor for enhanced performance.
Flexibility with Speed Controllers:

When combined with speed controllers, the AME Fans offer unmatched flexibility in air flow, allowing adjustments as plants grow and mature.
Air Movement Efficiency (AME):

The shrouded, aerodynamic design and high-efficiency motor contribute to better, more even air speeds that cover greater distances.
Increased Forward Propulsion:

The fan design provides leverage for air movement, resulting in increased forward propulsion and a pull from behind the fan, creating momentum throughout the space.
Reduced Number of Fans Needed:

The even air speeds generated by the AME Fan design may result in fewer fans being needed, potentially leading to increased efficacy and a reduction in electrical costs.
Customized Layout for Each Greenhouse:

The AME Horizontal Air Flow System performs best when sized to fit a particular situation. Technical personnel take into account various greenhouse variables before designing a customized layout.
Climate Control Integration:

Fans and controllers can be connected to an external climate control computer for automated speed regulation, enhancing overall control and efficiency.
Technical Support:

Technical representatives can assist in preparing a customized layout for specific greenhouse needs.

ModelSizeMountCordHPVoltAmpThrust CFMRPMWeight
VBG1212"Yes10'1/101151.421,0201,69821 lbs
VBG2020"Yes10'1/31153.83,6501,69138 lbs

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