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Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans

PVC Shutter Fans

Exhaust fans are nice for cooling and providing fresh air inside a greenhouse. you will have all you need to equip your greenhouse with a durable fully automated ventilation system
Click here to view controllers and thermostats.

Our high quality, long life, exhaust fans are a cost-effective way to exhaust air and moisture from most commercial and industrial facilities. designed for low to medium volume exhaust airflow and suited for a broad range of facilities including warehouses, factories, schools, hospitals, parking garages, storage facilities, paint booths, gymnasiums, greenhouses and more.

Use shutter style exhaust fans for small exhaust airflow requirements and thin-walled buildings, such as greenhouses requiring exhaust fans with a low profile. Use PFM flush-mount exhaust fans for larger exhaust airflow requirements and to enable mounting the fan flush with the interior wall and exhausting through thicker walls.

PVC Shutter Fans: Our versatile shutter fan allows you to exhaust air and provide cross-ventilation in small to medium sized greenhouses. Frame and shutters are made of white industrial grade corrosion-proof PVC with UV inhibitors. The powder coated white fan guard supports the moisture resistant motor that will operate at single or variable speed.

Even during the coldest months, a greenhouse may require an exhaust fan to eliminate excessive heat or to bring in fresh air. The Schaefer shutter fan allows you to do that easily and efficiently Constructed of white exterior grade PVC. Aerodynamic efficient design. Corners are heated and fused together for strength and durability

Model Size H.P. CFM RPM AMPS Voltage Price Buy Now
S01-SFT 1200 12" 1/30 760 1550 90 115V $200 shopping cart
S01-SFT 1600 16" 1/10 1250 1725 1.3/.65 115/230V $250 shopping cart
S01-SFT 2000 20" 1/6 3000 1725 3.8/1.9 115/230V $300 shopping cart
S01-T-115 Thermostat - One Speed / Heat or Cool / 120V / 16 Amp $75 shopping cart


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