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Tips for Organizing Your Greenhouse

Tips for Organizing Your Greenhouse

Organizing your greenhouse and putting some thought into the interior layout and design of your greenhouse can have an impact your gardening success. Not only can you boost your productivity by organizing your supplies and tools, but also you can affect the health of your plants by considering their placement in your greenhouse.

Tips for Organizing Your Greenhouse

Divide your greenhouse into zones

Establish designated areas for planting, tool storage, potting plants and even storage for often-used supplies, such as watering equipment, plant food, and more. Keep track of how much sunlight comes in throughout the day and place plants according to their lighting needs.

Design your interior around your potting bench

potting bench is a bench or table that is used as a work surface inside your greenhouse. It should be placed against a wall and have access to plumbing if possible. Much like the stove in your kitchen, a potting bench will be your hub of activity. Organizing your materials around your bench will make things easier to find, reach and use. You can purchase new potting benches or up-cycle them from second hand furniture.

Use shelving that will increase growing space

The addition of tiered benches or shelves can help you use floor space in your greenhouse wisely. Be mindful of where you place plants in relation to light sources. Adjustable shelving is preferred for its versatility.

Utilize space underneath benches

Storing your supplies underneath your greenhouse benches is a great way to get more out of your square footage. Also, this space is great for housing plants that need lower light and more shading.

Under-bench storage is also an option

A central workbench can have dual functional purposes—a space to work and a space to store tools, pots, soil and fertilizer. Consider stacking bins and sealable containers to protect items from insects and rodents.

Maximize the upper areas of your greenhouse

Hanging plants to fill empty ceiling space can not only help increase your productivity but also can provide welcome shade depending on the season. Note your plants’ needs and their light requirements when considering this.

Create a labeling system for your plants

Plant markers are readily available at every retail garden center. However, you can make your own with inexpensive supplies that you probably already have on hand. Painted wooden spoons, clothespins and broken flower pot pieces make fun, homemade plant labels. Also, you can color-code your system based on where plants should be placed, considering needs for sun and water or as edible and non-edible.

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