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The Gothic Arch Greenhouses Story

The Gothic Arch Greenhouses Story


Gothic Arch Greenhouses- Building a history of excellence

Gothic Arch Greenhouses is proud to be a family-owned business with a long history of excellence. We began in 1946, when our grandfather and father started “Trans-Sphere Trading Corporation,” a traditional Import/Export Company. During the 50’s, largely due to the many ornamental nurseries in our area, we began specializing in horticultural products. We initially began importing peat moss by the shipload from the bogs in Germany into the port of Mobile, Alabama, for the ornamental growers in the Southeast for use as an artificial soil medium.

Our successes and the strength of this expanding horticultural market led us to seek out additional related products… reed mats from Austria were used for shade house areas to harden off tender plants from the propagation houses before being moved to the open field, kelp meal from Norway was used as a rich source of trace minerals and micro-nutrients, burlap and pinning nails were imported for use in ball and burlap preparation of field grown stock for market.

This led us to begin working closely with the various State Agricultural Extension Services, who put us in contact with State Agricultural Colleges and other agricultural education programs.  Through this association, we began to recognize the need for a line of affordable, functional, easy to build greenhouses, which would appeal to the residential hobby market and also to the secondary and post-secondary Vocational-Technical Schools and many other applications throughout the country.  As is the case today, there were many high-end aluminum/steel and glass greenhouses at the university level, but the budgets weren’t available for these higher quality, more costly greenhouses at the secondary and post-secondary vocational agriculture level. We recognized the importance of meeting the needs of this important segment of horticulturists.

Creating a Top-Quality Greenhouse

We began experimenting with various styles of greenhouse designs and materials.  Over time, we finally settled on the Gothic Arch style of Wm. T. Sierke because of its strength, durability, good looks, optimum light and heat transmitting properties, and ease of construction.

Our first effort in creating our signature Gothic Arch greenhouse was a very inexpensive, hobby size structure made from a light-weight frame of thin plywood strips and covered with a short-lived poly-film plastic.  We really liked the Gothic design, but in order to offer a more substantial, durable product, we enhanced and strengthened the framing from plywood to long-lived, energy-efficient redwood.  We also increased the size of the framing to accommodate a rigid, more substantial cover.  We adapted the small, hobby-size units to appeal to growers of all levels, from backyard gardeners to educators, from organic chefs to researchers.

Our greenhouses are no longer constructed from redwood, since it is now an endangered resource.  We now offer heart cypress for our framing, which is a locally sourced, plentiful, sustainable material. Our commitment to building a product that is environmentally sound and stands up to the elements no matter the climate is unwavering. For over 70 years, Gothic Arch Greenhouses has offered our customers the very best in horticultural products; we continue to produce the finest greenhouses for sale anywhere, with friendly, knowledgeable customer support and hassle-free shipping that ensures you a pleasant experience start to finish. We are eager to earn your business.