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Juliana Premium Greenhouse Series

Juliana Premium Greenhouse Series

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The extra-strength profiles used to construct the gables and ridge pole make the Premium series the strongest greenhouse money can buy!

10 MM Polycarbonate - 5/8’’ THICK. Now available with either the aluminum finish or the green finish. This extra thick polycarbonate provides additional protection from the cooler temperatures and elements.

Features like one of the strongest frames available, extra overall height, thicker 10mm polycarbonate covering, heavy-duty hinged door, and rainwater downpipes make these greenhouses stand out from the rest.

Premium greenhouses also include a gasket locking system to secure the polycarbonate to the frame. You simply place the gaskets into the frame of your greenhouse, slide in the panels, and your greenhouse is ready to go. This improvement reduces installation time and makes the greenhouse easy to take down.

The Premium Plus Greenhouse is a 9' 8" x 12' or 9' 8" x 14' 4" hobby greenhouse that is great for those who want plenty of growing room but don't want to compromise on looks. The 9' 7" peak provides excellent headroom while the aluminum frame with black accents and decorative cresting make for an attractive, but sturdy greenhouse.


Juliana Basic Greenhouses

Juliana Basic

Starting $ 699.00

Juliana Compact Greenhouse

Juliana Compact

Starting at $2365.00


Juliana Premium

Starting at $4334.00

Juliana Gardener Greenhouses

Juliana Gardener Plus

Starting $5845.00

Juliana Compact Plus

Juliana Compact Plus

Starting $.3395.00

Juliana Gardener

Juliana Gardener

Starting $6495.00

Juliana Deluxe Glass 8.3

Juliana Deluxe Glass 8.3

Starting at $ 4295.00

Juliana Deluxe Glass 13

Juliana Deluxe Glass 13

Starting at $5495.00