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RiverSide Greenhouse Kits

Riverside Greenhouse Kits is a testament to superior design and American ingenuity. Built from high-quality materials and designed with the gardener's needs in mind, the MONT Greenhouse offers a robust and efficient solution for year-round indoor gardening.
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  • Sidewall height: 4'10"
  • Large 4 x 6 ft wide door opening, Hinged Lockable Double Doors.Includes NEW Door Latch and Vent Locks for extreme weather conditions
  • New Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt (makes assembly quicker and easier over the prior version
  • Integrated dual rainwater gutter system
  • 10-year warranty on both frame and polycarbonate
  • Frame Material: Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame construction
  • Frame Color: Black
  • Cover Material: High impact UV stable 8mm twin wall polycarbonate walls and roof,
  • An optional galvanized steel base is recommended.
  • Exterior Base,  Integrated flush base design
  • Quick assembly construction
  • The snow load capacity is 24 lbs/sq. Ft., Wind load of 65 MPH

1: Discover the Ultimate Greenhouse Solution Experience superior quality with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits, proudly made in the USA. These greenhouses are constructed from high-grade extruded aluminum and 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate, which offers unmatched durability and insulation. They are perfect for year-round gardening. 

 2: Built to Last: Riverside Greenhouse Kits Crafted with over 40 lbs. more aluminum than competitors, Riverside Greenhouse Kits are designed to withstand harsh weather. Enjoy gardening without worry with our robust and lead-free structures. Elevate your gardening experience today! 

 3: Energy-Efficient Greenhouses Reduce your energy bills with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. Our professional-grade 8mm twin wall polycarbonate provides excellent insulation, ensuring optimal growing conditions year-round. Invest in a sustainable and efficient greenhouse.

 4: Why Choose Riverside Greenhouse Kits? Choose reliability and quality with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. These greenhouses are perfect for any gardener and feature an industry-leading 10-year warranty, automatic roof vent openers, and customizable extension kits. 

 5: American-Made Excellence Support local craftsmanship with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. Our greenhouses use US-grade materials and innovative designs to provide a sturdy, efficient, long-lasting gardening solution. Perfect for serious gardeners. 

 6: Customer-Approved Greenhouses Hear from satisfied gardeners who love RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. With easy assembly, superior durability, and excellent insulation, our greenhouses are the top choice for hobbyists and professionals. 

 7: Optimal Growing Conditions Achieve the best-growing environment with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. Our smart design includes built-in rainwater gutters, automatic vents, and ample interior height, ensuring your plants thrive. 

8: Eco-Friendly Gardening RiverSide Greenhouse Kits are designed with sustainability in mind. Using durable, eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient designs, our greenhouses help reduce your carbon footprint

 9: Enhance Your Garden with RiverSide Transform your gardening experience with RiverSide Greenhouse Kits. From robust construction to efficient design, our greenhouses are built to last and support all your gardening needs. 

Unmatched Durability RiverSide Greenhouse Kits stand strong against the elements with their high-quality aluminum frames and 8mm polycarbonate panels. Ensure your greenhouse stands the test of time and weather.

SizeVentsDimensionsNumber Of Doors:
8ft. W x 8ft. L x 7.6ft. H

Single roof vent with automatic opening

101" W x 101" L x 90" H1
8ft. W x 12ft. L x 7.6ft. H

Two roof vents, automated for airflow management

101" W x 149.75" L x 90" H)1
8ft. W x 16ft. L x 7.6ft. H

Three roof vents, automated for airflow management

101" W x 198.25" L x 90" H1
8ft. W x 20ft. L x 7.6ft. H

Four automated roof vents for a stable interior climate

101" W x 247" L x 90" H1
8ft. W x 24ft. L x 7.6ft. H

Five roof vents with automatic opener for temperature control

101" W x 295.75" L x 90" H1


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