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Riga Greenhouse

The Riga is truly a greenhouse by the European definition of a greenhouse - designed to be used to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the middle of winter. Ultra-strong and insulating 8mm & 10 mm polycarbonate offers superior protection during the coldest months while still allowing in plenty of sunlight. The unique shape of this greenhouse allows for heavier snow load capabilities and also adds an attractive element to any landscape. With a combination of strong materials and durable hardware, Available as a kit or a complete package, this greenhouse is a perfect addition to any backyard, community garden, school courtyard, or museum.

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  • 8 mm twin-wall polycarbonate side walls and 10 mm twin-wall polycarbonate gable ends
  • Aluminum frame
  • Roof window
  • Standard Color: Anodized 
  • 1 large rear wall window
  • 1 30" W x 72" H barn-style door with lock
  • Made in Germany
  • German engineering - guaranteed top quality
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
Item SizeRoof VentsTop ShelfBottom Shelf
E01-RG 0707 7'8" W x 7' L x 7'1" H1 roof window w/ automatic opener10" W x 7' L 25" W x 7' L
E01-RG 07107'8" W x 10'6" L x 7'1" H  1 roof window w/ automatic opener 10" wide x 10'4" long25" w x 10'4" long
E01-RG 07147'8" W x 14' L x 7'1" H2 roof windows w/automatic openers10" W x 13'10" L25" W x 13'10" L
E01-RG 0910,9'8" W x 10'6" L x 7'7" H1 roof window w/ automatic opener10" W x 10'4" L25" W x 10'4" L
E01-RG 0914  9'8" W x 14' L x 7'7" H2 roof windows w/automatic openers,  10" W x 13'10" L25" W x 13'10" L
E01-RG 0917 9'8" W x 17'6" L x 7'7" H4 roof windows w/ automatic openers,10" W x 17' L25" W x 17' L

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