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8 x 24 elite premium greenhose Kits

Elite Premium Greenhouse Kits

Elite Premium Greenhouse Kits Sale

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The Elite Premium Greenhouse gives you a year-round growing space in an attractive, heavy duty aluminum frame and 10mm twin-wall panels.

Engineered to perform in harsh environments. The Elite Premium Greenhouse rugged durability, makes it the most insulated of the greenhouses on the market and it's barn shape design is both elegant and functional, and allows plenty of growing space.

Made to meet the highest standards of amateur and professional gardeners, the 1.6mm profile aluminum frame provides a stronger and more durable build than its competitors and won't warp, melt, or crack like the PVC-based barn-style greenhouses. And the heavy-duty construction coupled with 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels provide and the perfect thickness for winter insulation.

A wide range of features and accessories culminates in a well ventilated growing space with gliding double doors, an easy-to-assemble system, and an insulation (R) value* of 1.89 and heat loss (U) value* of 0.53 resulting in an amazing gardening and greenhouse experience.

The doors are hung from above which eliminates jamming and the door wheels are made from nylon for durability. The door wheel bolt is turned from solid brass with a smooth shank to reduce wear on the wheels.

Juliana Basic Greenhouses

Juliana Basic

Starting $ 699.00

Juliana Compact Greenhouse

Juliana Compact

Starting at $2365.00


Juliana Premium

Starting at $4334.00

Juliana Gardener Greenhouses

Juliana Gardener Plus

Starting $5845.00

Juliana Compact Plus

Juliana Compact Plus

Starting $.3395.00

Juliana Gardener

Juliana Gardener

Starting $6495.00

Juliana Deluxe Glass 8.3

Juliana Deluxe Glass 8.3

Starting at $ 4295.00

Juliana Deluxe Glass 13

Juliana Deluxe Glass 13

Starting at $5495.00