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Shade Cloth for Greenhouses

ChromatiNet Shade Cloth

ChromatiNet Shade Cloth is a series of colored shade nets with special optical properties which improve the utilization of solar radiation by agricultural crops. This technology promotes differential stimulation of desirable physiological responses, which determine the commercial value of each crop. This is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to current labor-consuming methods (such as pruning and thinning) and intensive use of growth regulators and other chemicals. ChromatiNet enables growers to control vegetative growth characteristics, such as leaf size, branch length and plant height in plants, as well as the rate of maturation and flowering. This enables adaptation to market preferences, with clear economic advantages.

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Gothic Arch Greenhouses

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ChromatiNet Red Shade Cloth

ChromatiNet Red Shade Cloth is changes the light spectrum transmitted to the plants, reduces the spectrum of blue, green and yellow light and increases the red and far-red light spectrum. Thus, the rhythm of plants’ development under red light is increased, their leaf surface is larger, their stems are longer and thicker, and the total foliage volume is higher. The net enables to obtain early flowering without decreasing flower quality. The net is suitable mainly for growers who wish to accelerate growth and increase foliage volume plants such as house plants, decorative branches, non-flowering herbs, and a variety of field and nursery plants, especially when the objective is to enhance the development of root systems in shoots and tissue culture plantlets.

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ChromatiNet Shade Cloth

ChromatiNet Pearl Shade Cloth is direct light which passes through the threads is diffused and covers many parts of the plant, especially the lower stems and leaves. This results in increased photosynthesis efficiency, leading to accelerated and abundant growth and improved product quality. The diffused light increases the number of secondary branches in many plants and is especially beneficial in stem and leaf products, such as herbs, leaf vegetables and nursery crops.

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ChromatiNet Gray Shade Cloth

ChromatiNet Gray Shade Cloth Light distribution is caused by refraction of direct light radiation through the special crystalloid structure of the grey net filament. There is a difference between the crystalloid structure of the grey and black net filaments.

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Decorative Colored Shade

ChromatiNet Blue Shade Cloth is allows you to grow healthy plants that meet market requirements. Annuals in nurseries are grown under the same percentage of shade: the plant crowns develop naturally with minimal pruning and no chemical. for blooming, the plants are placed under red chromatinet of even full sun before shipment.

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