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Tempa Interior Climate Shade

Tempa Interior Climate Shade is a cutting-edge shading solution designed to enhance your indoor environment. This innovative system effectively manages temperature and controls natural light, providing a comfortable atmosphere year-round. With its specially engineered fabric, it filters sunlight to reduce glare and heat transmission, improving energy efficiency and creating a more pleasant space. With customizable options and stylish designs, Tempa Interior Climate Shade is the perfect choice for optimizing your interior climate control. Upgrade your space with this advanced shading solution today.

Each panel is custom made to your specifications and panels can be seemed together to create the perfect size for your greenhouse. The edges can be reinforced with a 2-3/4" polypropylene binder to eliminate fraying, and brass grommets can be added, making it easy to hang.

No minimum orders. A $15 surcharge applies for all orders under $90

Please call our sales office if your requirements are greater than 15,000 sq. ft

For custom-finished sizes with edging and grommets, please email us at or call us at 1-800-531-4769.

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    • Enhance your indoor environment with Tempa Interior Climate Shade. Experience effective temperature management and light control for a more comfortable space.
    • Improve energy efficiency and create a pleasant atmosphere with Tempa Interior Climate Shade. Its innovative fabric filters sunlight, reducing glare and heat transmission.
    • Upgrade your interior climate control with Tempa Interior Climate Shade. Customize your shading solution to optimize temperature and light levels in your space.
    • Achieve a comfortable year-round environment with Tempa Interior Climate Shade. This cutting-edge shading system offers customizable options and stylish designs.
    • Experience the benefits of Tempa Interior Climate Shade - improved energy efficiency, reduced glare, and enhanced comfort. Upgrade your space today.


    ItemPatternShading level in diffused lightEnergy savingPolyolefinApplicationFeatureWidth of strips
    TEMPA 4352 D FB2 transparent diffuse, 1 aluminium, 2 transparent diffuse, 1 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse, 1 aluminium56%52 %69% Polyester  31% Aluminum InsideEnergy saving, Solar control4mm
    5155 C A AW1 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse + wire52 %57 %65% Polyester  24% Aluminum  11%PolyesterOpen roofEnergy saving, Solar control4.6mm
    TEMPA 5557 D1 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse64%57 %69% Polyester  31% Aluminum InsideEnergy saving, Solar control4.6 mm
    TEMPA 6562 D2 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse, 2 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse, 1 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse72 %62 %55% Polyester  45% AluminumInsideEnergy saving, Solar control4mm
    TEMPA 7567 D FB3 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse80%67 %52% Polyester  48% AluminumInsideEnergy saving, Solar control, firebreak4mm
    TEMPA 8672 D7 aluminium, 1 transparent diffuse89 %72%57% Polyester  43% AluminumInsideEnergy saving, Solar control4mm
    TEMPA 9670 RFull aluminium
    93 %70%62% Polyester  38% Aluminum InsideEnergy saving, Solar control4mm

    Warranty five (5) years under all types of greenhouse covering and three (3) years for outdoor use. See Svensson’s limited warranty for all terms, conditions and exclusions in writing.


    • The greatest energy savings at any given shading level

    • Doubles up as an effective shading screen by day.

    • A more even temperature throughout the greenhouse when used with a pad and fan cooling system.

    • A single-screen solution for shading, cooling, and maximum energy saving.

    • Maximum cooling when installed above plants in a greenhouse with side ventilation.

    30%Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
    40%Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
    50%Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
    60%Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
    70%Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron
    * Various

    *Note that thermic measures the amount of infrared that passes through a film. The lower, therefore, the better.


    *****How to Order Shade Cloth:

    • Select Add to Cart.
    • Select Shade Percentage.
    • Select Standard Width.
    • Type length in for Quantity.
    • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

               Ex: 20' x 10' 50% Aluminet taped and grommets 2' on center.

    *****How to Order Taping:

    • Select Add to Cart.
    • Type total perimeter feet for Quantity.
    • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

       Ex: Taping on long sides

    *****How to Order Brass Grommets:

    • Select Add to Cart.
    • Type the total number of grommets you want.

      Ex: If you want grommets on every foot, you will use the total perimeter plus 1. If you wanted the grommets every two feet, you would use half your total perimeter plus 1.

    *****You may use the additional instructions box to clarify your order.

              Ex: Grommets on 4 corners

    *Note that thermicity is a measure of the amount of infrared that passes through a film. The lower, therefore, the better.

    For volume pricing, please get in touch with Us or Call 800-531-4769.