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Seamlessly combine two pieces of shade cloth into a larger, unified piece with our efficient seaming solution. Our specialized technique allows for easy and secure joining, creating a single, continuous shade cloth that covers a larger area. With our high-quality seaming products, you can confidently create a seamless and professional-looking shade cloth installation. Maximize coverage and create a cohesive shading solution by effortlessly merging two pieces of shade cloth into one..


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Please call our sales office if your requirements are greater than 15,000 sq. ft

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  • Effortlessly join two pieces of shade cloth to create a larger, unified shading solution. Our specialized seaming technique ensures a seamless and professional result.
  • Create a larger shade cloth area by seamlessly seaming two pieces together. Our reliable seaming solution provides a secure and durable bond for a cohesive shading system.
  • Transform your shade cloth installation by easily combining two pieces into one. Our efficient seaming process ensures a smooth and continuous coverage for a unified and effective shading solution.
  • Achieve a seamless look with our seaming solution for shade cloth. Seam two pieces together effortlessly and create a larger, cohesive shade cloth piece for enhanced coverage.
  • Expand your shade cloth coverage with ease by seaming two pieces together. Our high-quality seaming products ensure a strong bond, resulting in a single, larger shade cloth piece for optimal shading.


*****How to Order Shade Cloth:

  • Select Add to Cart.
  • Select Shade Percentage.
  • Select Standard Width.
  • Type length in for Quantity.
  • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

           Ex: 20' x 10' 50% Aluminet taped and grommets 2' on center.

*****How to Order Taping:

  • Select Add to Cart.
  • Type total perimeter feet for Quantity.
  • You may use the additional Instructions box to clarify your order.

     Ex: Taping on long sides

*****How to Order Brass Grommets:

  • Select Add to Cart.
  • Type the total number of grommets you want.

    Ex: If you want grommets on every foot, you will use the total perimeter plus 1. If you wanted the grommets every two feet, you would use half your total perimeter plus 1.

*****You may use the additional instructions box to clarify your order.

          Ex: Grommets on 4 corners

*Note that thermicity is a measure of the amount of infrared that passes through a film. The lower, therefore, the better.

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