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Glass Greenhouses advantages
Glass greenhouses transmit almost 100% light and glass stays that way for a lifetime or more , compared to 80% with double wall polycarbonate that will gradually fade over time as the polycarbonate becomes more opaque. Due to the weight of the glass covering the glass greenhouse structure is generally stronger than other greenhouses, so it is an excellent greenhouse investment and adds lasting value to one’s property and home. With Glass Greenhouses, you can choose from single layer, double or triple paned glass to improve insulation and ventilation, to help your greenhouse use less energy and to provide better crop protection. Glass is quite inert, in contrast to plastic, and it can function for 40 to 50 years without failure. It is non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation and air pollutant degradation, and it maintains its initial radiation transmission if regularly cleaned. The greatest drawback of glass is its vulnerability to catastrophic losses caused by hail.
Evaporative cooling concept
To counter periods of extreme temperature that affect in-house environments and, therefore production, Evaporative Cooling Pad Systems are used with outstanding success. When large quantities of air are pulled through Evaporative Cooling Pads that are saturated with water, a substantial cooling effect is realized due to the evaporation of that water. Used in conjunction with fans, a temperature reduction of 10-25 degrees is commonplace.
Hobby Greenhouses Basic Considerations
Choosing and building a hobby greenhouse involves careful planning. The final choice of the greenhouse will depend on the growing space desired, home architecture, available sites, and costs. The greenhouse must provide the proper environment for growing plants.