What to Consider When Buying a Greenhouse

Gothic Arch Greenhouse How to Buy a GreenhouseGreenhouses were once the necessity for gardeners growing fragile flowers and plants.

But with more than 42 million American households taking up food gardening, according to the National Gardening Association, many more gardeners are using greenhouses to extend the growing season.

If you’re looking to transition from a container garden or a backyard garden, these are the questions you should consider before making an investment in your greenhouse.

Can the greenhouse extend the growing season?

That’s what greenhouses are made for, but you’ll want to determine whether the greenhouse has features that can adapt to the changing seasons. Greenhouse coverings can help keep it well-insulated in cooler months, and a design that allows for the addition of exhaust fans, base vents or louvered panels that can prevent plants from overheating in higher temperatures.

By being able to manage growing conditions regardless of the weather, a greenhouse can help extend your gardening efforts year ‘round.

Can the greenhouse be modified?

Be aware that your gardening hobby may keep growing after you’ve purchased a greenhouse. In that case, you’ll want one that offers space to add more accessories or even one that can be extended to give you even more growing room. Some in the greenhouse supplier industry suggest buying a size bigger than you have planned.

Just think how your garage, shed and other storage areas fill up so quickly. The same will likely happen with your greenhouse as it gives you even more flexibility with your gardening!

Is the greenhouse strong and durable?

Of course you’ll want a greenhouse that is built to last. Not only must it stand up to outdoor conditions, but also, depending on your local climate, it may have to withstand wind, snow and hail. On the inside, you should also look for a greenhouse constructed of strong, durable materials that are low maintenance or can be easily cleaned.

One Gothic Arch Greenhouses customer proudly reported that his greenhouse had been purchased in 1986 and it’s still going strong!

Is the greenhouse easy to maintain?

After you’ve made your greenhouse investment, you’ll want to take care of it so it will yield many years of optimum performance for gardening and enjoyment for your hobby. Take into consideration what is involved in cleaning and maintaining the greenhouse you want. Look for greenhouse materials that don’t scratch, mold or mildew that can help make maintenance that much easier.

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