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Garden & in your Greenhouse

If you have never experienced the wonder of anticipation of picking your own vine-ripened tomato or any number of delicious, nutritious garden vegetables….then you need to consider engaging in this rewarding endeavor.

Where ever you live, as long as you have an available location that receives 6 or more hours of sunlight a day, then you have the potential to raise some of your favorite vegetables and herbs.

The time and effort spent growing some of your own food is vastly rewarding both from a physical health and mental health perspective.

In our fast-paced cyber-world of instant gratification, working a garden re-connects us to the slower progression of Nature’s seasons.

Regardless of whether you spend several minutes or hours a day working in the   garden…this special time allows one to offset the stress and tension created by our daily demanding lifestyle….a natural remedy for what ails you.

So, if you enjoy eating highly nutritious, delicious vegetables…and you have a little time and a sunny spot….think about planting a garden to pass the time more productively.

You just might find this activity to be tremendously fulfilling.

Happy Growing!

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