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How Hydroponic Greenhouses Work

Hydroponic Gardening Gothic Arch Greenhouse Hydroponic greenhouses have grown in popularity in recent years. Hydroponics is a gardening method that uses no soil mediums to grow plants. However, understanding the basics of hydroponics will help you decide if it is right for your greenhouse. 

Why Hydroponic Greenhouses?

Hydroponic gardening has gained favor for low operations costs, ease of use and its many benefits. This system of gardening is also well-known for producing higher yields and higher quality vegetables. Not only do plants grow faster, they are tastier than those grown in soil.

But how does it work? If you’ve ever placed a plant clipping inside a glass of water, that will give you a basic visual of how hydroponic systems work. Take that image and imagine a system of anywhere from a few plants to a large-scale hydroponic farm. The plants within the system don’t rely on soil as their growing medium. Therefore, the nutrients they need are in the water that circulates among their roots.

The underlying theory behind hydroponics is that it removes barriers. Since there is no soil between a plant’s roots and oxygen, water and nutrients, everything it needs to thrive touches the roots directly. Various herbs, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, hemp, and peppers are best suited for hydroponic systems.

Benefits of Hydroponic Greenhouses

One of the most important benefits of hydroponics is that it is a viable conservation alternative to the shrinking supply of agricultural land. This method is used in large scale commercial growing operations and areas with limited space. There are even vertical systems that will fit in a living room or classroom.

Hydroponic growing has wide applications. Urban areas where there is little land for growing are enjoying hydroponics. Also, farmers in dry, desert climates are able to use indoor hydroponics to grow year round.

The absence of soil in a hydroponic system means there is no danger of disease or pests, so growers can eliminate pesticides. It also means that plants have smaller root systems, yet greater flowering potential, which leads to increased yield.

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7 Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is just one more way you can maximize the use of your greenhouse space and try your hand at a different growing strategy.nutrients and supplements plant food

Simply put, hydroponic systems utilize mineral nutrient solutions in water—rather than the more traditional option of soil—to grow plants. Instead of drawing nutrients needed from the soil, the plants’ roots are suspended in, flooded or misted with a nutrient solution so they can grow.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just thinking about working on your green thumb, hydroponic gardening offers plenty of benefits for you and your growing efforts. These are just a few!

Hydroponic gardening maximizes space. Get growing indoors or outdoors—or even increase the yield of your greenhouse. Hydroponic gardens need considerably less space than soil-based gardens because plants with small roots can be grown closer together, so starting small is no problem!

Hydroponic gardening is affordable. From smaller DIYs and easy-to-use beginner setups to more advanced options, there is a hydroponic system that can suit any gardening level and any budget. Especially since it can be done in any space, your investment can be minimal.

Hydroponic gardening conserves water. Though hydroponics relies heavily on water, it actually uses less because water and nutrients can be recycled and reused. Hydroponic systems can use less than 10 percent of the amount of water used in traditional soil-based gardens.

Hydroponic gardening puts you in control. Because plants aren’t grown in soil, the gardener is in charge of the nutrient balance. This allows the grower to quickly and easily detect and correct any deficiencies. The absence of soil also makes that process of flushing and starting over fresh significantly simpler.

Hydroponic gardening produces higher yields. A shorter growing cycle in a hydroponics system means the garden is more productive though it may be smaller in size. Crops can grow two times faster, and yields can be doubled and even tripled as a result of flourishing in the controlled environment.

Hydroponic gardening offers better results. Plants grown through a hydroponic system are healthier and have better nutritional value. Hydroponically grown vegetables have up to 50 percent more vitamin content (particularly vitamin A, B complexes, C and E) than those grown in conventional methods.

Hydroponic gardening saves labor. Not having to tend to the soil—because it isn’t needed in hydroponics—means a lot less work for the gardener. Just think, no pulling weeds, no tilling, no pushing wheelbarrows, etc. That can make hydroponics even more stress-relieving and enjoyable!

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