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Efficiently Heating Your Winter Greenhouse

https://www.gothicarchgreenhouses.com/heating.htmCooler temperatures are coming, and with them the challenge of adequately heating your greenhouse if you’re planning to use it to extend your growing season.

Creating a stable environment in which your plants can thrive is always going to be the key to your gardening successwhether it’s supplying enough ventilation in the summer or enough heat in the winter.

To prepare your greenhouse for the frosty weather ahead, you’ll want to especially focus on the following three tasks.

  • Insulating your greenhouse may be the best first step to efficiently heat it for the upcoming winter months. Lining the inside of a greenhouse with bubble wrap is often recommended to help seal in the warmth without turning on a heater! Be sure to purchase bubble wrap from your greenhouse supplier, as it will be more durable because it is toughened and UV stabilized. Other options to consider are insulating the perimeter of your greenhouse with foam (said to provide one of the shortest returns on investment). Even adding insulation below the benches in your greenhouse can offer substantial savings.
  • Monitor your greenhouse with the help of a thermometer and a thermostat. Your thermometer will give you maximum and minimum daily readings that will allow you to use a greenhouse heater more efficiently, making any necessary adjustments that will help keep your plants happy and make your utility bill more manageable. Likewise, you can program a thermostat so that the heat kicks on when the temperatures drop below a certain point. It’s also important to know what conditions your plants need so you don’t waste money or energy maintaining higher temperatures than needed.
  • Invest in a heating system for your greenhouse. Greenhouse heaters are available to provide any necessary additional heat. But don’t overlook the importance of circulation. Fan heaters are a nice option to facilitate the flow of air, preventing any cold spots and reducing the risk of disease. Depending on how much heat you need, you may be able to use natural sources to provide warmth for your plants. For example, water in large drums or containers painted black (for maximum solar gain) placed strategically around your greenhouse will absorb energy during daylight hours and slowly emit it when the temperatures start dropping.

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