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Spotlight on College-Level Horticultural Programs

Greenhouses in Schools College Horticulture Programs Gothic ArchWhen a child is introduced to gardening, a seed is planted that may lead to a lifelong interest—or career—in horticulture. But even more opportunities about in this field than those that may quickly come to mind when you think of greenhouse programs in schools.

The lessons or experiments grow more sophisticated from elementary to high school programs, but taking a look college-level horticultural programs provides a glimpse into all the doors that can be opened by cultivating a passion in gardening.

These are just a few of the many post-secondary programs that provide students with the education and hands-on experience through research to prepare them for diverse careers in horticulture.

University of Hawaii – Tropical Plants and Soil Sciences

Students and faculty at the University of Hawaii are taking an active role in shaping the decisions of land use planners, farmers, researchers and others through their study of the state’s soils. By classifying and interpreting how each type of soil should best be used, both students and the public benefit from research conducted and the feedback it generates.

University of Arkansas – Turfgrass Science

Improving turfgrass production and management for golf courses, sports fields, and commercial and residential lawns is the focus of this program at the University of Arkansas. Students gain a well-rounded education by learning cutting-edge techniques and applying them in a unique laboratory setting that allows for studying warm- and cold-season turfgrass species.

Rutgers University – Horticultural Therapy

Gardeners know the many benefits of nurturing plants, but programs like the one at Rutgers University in horticultural therapy are helping translate that same experience in vocational, social and therapeutic programs. Such therapists may work as part of a team and help patients achieve a sense of accomplishment or independence through customized activities for people with a wide range of abilities.

Central Carolina Community College – Sustainable Agriculture

Students in the sustainable agriculture program learn about more than better growing methods. They also gain the business and technical skills required to manage profitable, environmentally-sound and community-based farms or agricultural operations. An organically managed outdoor classroom, which includes a greenhouse, provides invaluable hands-on opportunities for research, production and demonstration.

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