Summer Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist

Let’s be honest. Most of us do not look forward to deep cleaning our homes or garages every year. But it’s necessary to maintain a healthy environment and keep everything in proper working order. The same thing goes for your greenhouse. While greenhouse upkeep throughout the year is important, following this summer greenhouse maintenance checklist can help set you up for success for the next season—or seasons!

Summer Greenhouse Maintenance Checklist

Remove everything from the greenhouse

This includes all plants, benches, tools, and debris—get it as empty as possible.

Clean from the top down

Start up high with the roof and windows so the water drains down to the floor. Pay special attention to cleaning around windows, screens and vents where dirt tends to hide in crevices. Squeegees make quick work of this!

Get the floor as clean as possible

Use hot water and soap, focusing especially on the corners, under benches and other dark places to remove algae. Take a hose to cracks in concrete floors and grout lines, and pull weeds in soil and gravel floors.

Sterilize the inside naturally

Especially if you are concerned about ridding the greenhouse of pests, maybe because of a recent infestation, consider “baking” the inside. Seal off any openings, vents, windows and doors, and let the temperature rise for about a week. This will kill anything that may be growing, especially insects you can’t see.

Inspect greenhouse framing

For wood frames, summer is the best time to repaint or stain. Check aluminum frames for signs of corrosion or wear and repair as needed.

Check the integrity of all openings

See that windows function properly and seal tightly when closed. Same thing for greenhouse locks, doors and screens. Examine the foundation to ensure small animals can’t get in.

Disinfect benches, shelves, containers and other surfaces

Clean all greenhouse surfaces to remove dirt buildup in corners and other hard-to-reach areas. For raised beds in the greenhouse, remove all soil and replace with a fresh supply.

Wash and inspect glazing

Check to see that the glazing is not loose or broken, and repair if needed. Replace any panes of glass or polycarbonate if they are cracked or damaged.

Test equipment

Put your fans, heaters, heat mats, propagation trays, thermostat and irrigation systems to the work. Inspect cords, turn them off and on, and have extra of the supplies that most often need replacement on hand.

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