Gothic Arch Greenhouses Exceeds Customer Expectations

Traditional Glass Lean-To Greenhouse Gothic Arch GreenhousesHome gardens can range from small herb gardens to container gardens to larger backyard plots.

But if you want to turn your gardening into a year-round activity, maybe it’s time you considered a greenhouse.

More than 164 million American homeowners gardened in the span of a year, according to a recent study published in Greenhouse Management magazine.

So the interest in gardening is definitely strong—and growing. Vegetable gardening, in particular, is on the rise, climbing in popularity since the 2008 recession because of higher food prices, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With a greenhouse, you can turn your seasonal gardening efforts into a year-round labor of love.

Protected by glass or transparent coverings and monitored with heaters or fans, a greenhouse can extend the life of your plants.

Having served the horticulture industry since 1946, Gothic Arch Greenhouses is well-versed in addressing the unique greenhouse needs of its customers.

Satisfied customer R. Stephens in Walnut Springs, Texas agrees. “I love my greenhouse,” she wrote. “It is built to last and was way above my expectations.”

The traditional lean-to greenhouse she purchased is a home-attached model that provides guaranteed savings in heating costs.

Managing the temperature in the extreme central Texas heat—where both the summer highs and winter lows are higher than average—can be challenging, but not impossible with the wide range of greenhouse supplies offered by Gothic Arch Greenhouses.

“In this extreme heat in Texas, I put shade cloth on for summer and ran a small heater for winter once in a while,” R. Stephens wrote. “I also ran a small fan in summer, and it did great.”

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