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Catch the Sunshine and Get Growing….

Now that we’re well entrenched in the 21st Century with our advanced level of communication and technology….it’s time we pause and reflect back from where we’ve evolved in the relatively recent past.

Just a little over 100 years ago, our principal mode of transportation was a horse or our two legs…although some of us were privileged enough to enjoy the luxury of driving around in our horse and buggy…..or a Model-T Ford automobile.

We’ve witness incredible advances in communication and technology such that our great-grandparents could never have imagined.

So, here we are….armed with our cell phones, shopping cart and credit card… ready to stock up on whatever the local outlet of the global-market has to offer.

Imagine this….the super-market doors are locked….there are no goods to be purchased….the economic system we now enjoy has somehow unraveled and is no longer functioning.

If this scenario plays out due to circumstances beyond our control….then we best not wait until its too late and  this reality has come to pass before we start to take control of our own destiny….at the very least….our own food and energy sources.

It doesn’t take long for our stomachs to remind us it’s time to feed our bodies…which takes place on quite a regular basis.

I suggest that we consider the simple art of ‘aquaponics’…the combined production of aquaculture and hydroponics….coupled with a battery back-up Solar Photo-voltaic system. This offers potentially a sustainable food supply.

This is not ‘rocket-science’….but certainly holds the key to self-sufficient production of one’s food supply.

So what are you waiting for….Catch the Sunshine, take the plunge into aquaponics …. and Get Growing!

The folks at Gothic Arch Greenhouses