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A Garden Short Story – Gothic Arch Greenhouses

A Garden Short Story


Today…Tomorrow….a Garden Short Story, there’s just not much out there that is more rewarding than putting in a good day readying the soil for this year’s Garden. Time is bent when your back is in the toil of turning and cleaning the earth….engrossed in the moment, yet somehow at the same time, dreaming of the bounty of fresh delicious vegetables and fruits still months away.

Gardening must be one of the most physically and mentally therapeutic and healthful endeavors one can engage.  The sunshine on your face and skin….abundant Vitamin D absorbed.  Bending, stretching, using your body in balance with the task at hand to strengthen and stay supple.

The blue sky and white clouds….the vibrant shades of early spring proudly shining as the wind gently moves the entire background of wild

woods…the birds of early spring proclaiming the simple joy of life…..all the while the sun is shining brightly.

An afternoon spent in blissful flow with the rhythms of nature….of the universe….without and within.

Go grab your shovel and hoe and do a little digging and chopping…a little smoothing and shaping ….and plant yourself a garden.

Catch the Sunshine….and Happy Growing!

~ the folks at Gothic Arch Greenhouses